Oklahoma - South Central

South Central Oklahoma is an amorphous 10-county region in the state of Oklahoma. It is centered around the Arbuckle Mountains, surrounded by rivers and lakes, notably Lake Texoma, Lake Murray and Lake of the Arbuckles.

The city of Ardmore serves as the cultural and economic hub of the region, and is located about 10 miles south of the Arbuckle Mountains, with Lake Murray and Lake Texoma located within a half-hour drive of the city. Ardmore is the largest city in south central Oklahoma.  Also, Ada, the second largest city in south central Oklahoma, serves the northern areas of the region. It is home to the largest university in the region, East Central University.

Located within close proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and the Oklahoma City metro, south central Oklahoma is growing in health care and jobs. 

Organizations in South Central Oklahoma offer excellent benefits and competitive salaries. Many communities are located within a short drive to Ardmore and Dallas, Texas, offering excellent locations for providers looking to be near or in a metro area, but interested in providing in either rural or urban areas. The NHSC Loan Repayment Program and a state loan repayment program is available for most communities.

Contact the Office of Primary Care, Oklahoma State Department of Health for more information regarding the J-1 Visa program in Oklahoma.

Jana Castleberry, Health Planning Coordinator, Office of Primary Care & Rural Health Development - 405-271-9444 ext. 56520

J1 Contact Information

Jana Castleberry, Office of Primary Care & Rural Health Development
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 NE 10th Street
Room 915
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Phone: (405) 271-9444 ext. 56520

Judy Grant
Oklahoma Primary Care Association
6501 N. Broadway Extension
Suite 200
Oklahoma City, OK 731116
Phone: 405-252-8702
Fax: 405-424-1111
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