About Us

We are the nation's most trusted resource for health professionals seeking careers in rural and underserved communities.

What We Do

We want to connect health care professionals with the right job. We work through our 54 Network Coordinators to create a ‘hub’ for jobs in rural and underserved areas across the country. 

Our People

3RNET Network Coordinators

Network Coordinators are employees of 3RNET dues-paying Member Organizations. They are the heart of our organization and coordinate 3RNET activities within their state or organization. Members of our vast and diverse network can be found in every state representing organizations that serve the nation’s health care safety net. 

Member organizations help physicians and health professionals find jobs in rural and underserved communities. 3RNET Network Coordinators do not work for one specific employer, and therefore can help serve as an unbiased resource in choosing the right job.   


  • 3RNET Annual Conference is our in-person educational conference for 3RNET Network Coordinators, employers, and others interested in rural and underserved recruitment and retention.
  • 3RNET Recruiting for Retention Academy is a six-part webinar series designed to help employers learn more about successfully recruiting and retaining health care professionals in rural and underserved areas.
    Education Outreach – we can provide individual, customized education on recruitment and retention for your facility or organization. Contact us to inquire and learn more.

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We’d love to answer your questions! Please connect with us if you have questions about who we are or what we do.

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  • Call or Text us at 1-800-787-2512

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Indirect Rate Policy

To achieve the mission and goals of the organization the maximum indirect rate allowed by 3RNET is 10% and may be applied to the direct cost of the project or program we are supporting. 3RNET is a registered 501(c)3 not for profit organization.