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Employers: Digital Badges on 3RNET

Employers: Digital Badges on 3RNET

FAQs for safety net employers on how digital badges work on

What are digital badges? How are they used on 3RNET? And what do they tell me, as an employer, about job seekers? 

2023 Recruiting for Retention Academy Summary

2023 Recruiting for Retention Academy Summary

What Makes Your Organization Unique? Using Candidate Motivations to Strategically Recruit

​We wrapped up 2023 with our 6-part Recruiting for Retention Academy webinar series which highlighted the 3RNET’s Factors Guides, adapted from the Community Apgar Project developed by Dr....
3RNET 2023 Accomplishments

3RNET 2023 Accomplishments

Our Year In Review

Each year, we reflect on what we’ve accomplished toward our mission of improving health care in rural and underserved communities through the recruitment and retention of health...