Mike Shimmens

Executive Director

Tel: 800-787-2512 ext. 2

“From the very first time I interacted with 3RNET I believed in its mission that to support communities in their health professional recruitment and retention efforts was community development. I believe this is still true today and I’m very proud to be a part of such a dedicated group of network coordinators and 3RNET staff who keep this mission alive and thriving after 25 years of grassroots effort. The passion to serve rural and underserved communities runs deeply through the fabric of 3RNET and I’m pleased to be one of the caretakers of such a great organization and its mission.”

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Mike Shimmens is the Executive Director for 3RNET, the nation’s most trusted resource for health professionals seeking careers in rural and underserved communities. Mike has led 3RNET since 2012. Mike works with a nine-member Board of Directors, leads a staff of three, and empowers the National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network of 54 members to further 3RNET’s mission to improve rural and underserved communities’ access to quality health care through the recruitment and retention of quality health care professionals.

Mike has over 20 years of experience in the recruitment of health care professionals. Prior to leading 3RNET Mike worked for six years at the Missouri Primary Care Association as Director of Recruitment and Workforce Development. There he assisted 21 Community Health Centers and other Missouri hospitals and clinics in their health professional recruitment efforts through the Missouri Health Professional Placement Service.

Mike's first recruitment position in health care was as Director of Medical Staff Development at St. Mary's Health Center in Jefferson City, Missouri. He served in this role for nine years and recruited for all physician specialties and advanced practice nurses at this 167-bed hospital and affiliated clinics.

Mark Barclay

Director of Member Services

Tel: 800-787-2512 ext. 1

“3RNET is a tremendously powerful resource for rural and underserved communities nationwide. Many of these communities would struggle to sustain themselves with no access to healthcare, and 3RNET’s mission is to help ensure that doesn’t happen. Working with our Network Coordinators to aid in that mission is a great privilege.”

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Mark Barclay is the Director of Member Services for 3RNET, the nation’s most trusted resource for health professionals seeking careers in rural and underserved communities. Mark serves as the primary support contact for 54 3RNET members, as well as the 5,000+ rural and underserved employers across the country that use 3RNET to improve their recruitment and retention efforts. 

Prior to working for 3RNET, Mark recruited for 36 Critical Access Hospitals and four FQHCs as the Workforce Specialist at the Center for Rural Health at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Mark also helped establish TruServe, a web-based tracking system used by State Offices of Rural Health and Primary Care Offices nationwide. 

Mark has maintained his Certified Physician/Provider Recruitment Professional (CPRP) certification from the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR) since 2013.  Mark has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of North Dakota.

Jackie Fannell

Director of PRISM and Operations

Tel: 1-800-787-2512 ext. 5

"What satisfies me most about my work is being able to connect with others to help them do their work. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes to answer a question or spending time to resolve a technical issue they are having. Data collection is not everyone’s cup of tea so I aim to make their experience with PRISM easy and useful!"

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Jackie Fannell is the Director of Provider Retention and Information System Management (PRISM) and Operations for 3RNET, the nation’s most trusted resource for health professionals seeking careers in rural and underserved communities. Jackie serves as the primary support contact for all PRISM participating states: providing technical assistance and training for the PRISM project and ensuring successful coordination and collaboration of project activities between participating states and the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research at UNC Chapel Hill.

Jackie has over 25 years of experience in non-profit, health care and financial industries. Prior to joining 3RNET, Jackie served as the PRISM Program Manager at the Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation and Program Coordinator at the North Carolina Medical Society Foundation where she was responsible for coordinating with the North Carolina Office of Rural Health and the Sheps Center to pilot and then manage the ongoing collection of retention data for health professionals working in safety net practices. Jackie has also held positions as Database Manager at the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Human Resources Officer at Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank in South Africa and as an Emergency Services Communications Technician at Memorial Medical Center in California.  

Jackie has Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University. 

Kristine Morin

Director of Communications and Marketing

Tel: 800-787-2512 ext. 3

"I grew up in a small, rural town with a clinic, and I remember how helpful that close access to care was for my family. It's so fulfilling to work for an organization whose mission is to make sure that access is always there. Our 3RNET network includes such a diverse group of people, but whether we're from North Dakota or Nevada, we all have a similar story about why we feel 3RNET's work is so important. I love that my job includes not only getting to hear these stories, but supporting the efforts behind getting our important work done."

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Kristine Morin is the Director of Communication and Marketing for 3RNET, the nation’s most trusted resource for health professionals seeking careers in rural and underserved communities. Kristine leads the creation of 3RNET’s communication and promotion efforts to reach health professionals, employers, and 3RNET’s Network Coordinators. She also oversees the planning and committee for 3RNET’s Annual Conference. 
Prior to joining 3RNET, Kristine worked for a public relations firm in Las Vegas, Nevada where she coordinated marketing efforts for clients varying from local firefighters to international artists. She also worked as the Communication Coordinator for the North Dakota Center for Rural Health, where she led the communication efforts for several statewide and national grant programs.
Kristine has both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in communication from the University of North Dakota. 

Mandi Gingras

Director of Education

Tel: 800-787-2512 ext. 4

“Throughout my career, the 3RNET’s guiding principles have always aligned with my work in developing strategies to attract and retain providers that will thrive in rural and underserved communities. I strive to learn new and innovative ways to recruit healthcare professionals and I’m excited to share these best practices and lessons learned with 3RNET network coordinators and safety net practices across the nation, to help them be successful in their recruitment efforts.”

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Mandi Gingras is the Director of Education for the 3RNET, the National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network. The 3RNET is a non-profit organization and trusted resource for health professionals seeking careers in rural and underserved communities. Mandi provides recruitment and retention educational support to 3RNET members and safety net facilities across the nation.

Mandi’s experience includes 14 years as the primary care and oral health recruiter and workforce consultant for the New Hampshire-Vermont Recruitment Center, a non-profit organization and service of BiState Primary Care Association (PCA). In her role at the PCA, Mandi provided recruitment assistance (sourcing, screening and referring physicians, dentists and APPs), consulted on recruitment and retention best practices, and provided J1 visa waiver and loan repayment program support to safety net facilities in New Hampshire and Vermont. 

Mandi’s career path included a move to Michigan during the pandemic where she worked for almost two years as a physician recruiter with McLaren Healthcare System and Karmanos Cancer Institute, a large non-profit integrated health delivery system made up of 14 hospitals across Michigan and Ohio. Mandi’s work there involved recruitment of surgical specialties for the 14 hospitals, affiliated practices and cancer centers. She managed the recruitment cycle from developing job posts and marketing strategies, sourcing and interviewing candidates, to coordinating site visits and contract negotiations.

Mandi grew up in a small rural town in the Midwest and understands the unique challenges and benefits that rural communities offer. She is an AAPPR member and a RACR certified recruiter through the HealthcareSource and Lean Human Capital training curriculum. 

In her personal time, Mandi enjoys spending time with her koi pond and gardens, crafting, and taking in lake-living at her new home in Michigan.