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2016 3RNet Annual Conference

Registration for the 2016 3RNet Annual Conference, September 13-15, in Nashville, TN is now open! 

What is 3RNet?

Curious about who we are? Watch our video to learn more about why 3RNet is the trusted resource for health professionals across the nation.

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New Mexico

New Mexico Health Resources (NMHR) supports all communities in New Mexico including the rural and medically underserved communities. We are a resource in making your job search more efficient. We can provide information on the various state and federal loan repayment and loan for service programs. We can offer a Rural Health Care Practitioner tax credit. NM will waive the application fee for your initial medical license (MD & PA). Learn More.

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Nebraska Incentive Programs

There are several state and federal incentive programs in Nebraska which are used to address health care provider shortages. Each of the incentive programs offer significant resource assistance to help recruit and retain health care providers in underserved areas.


Five Highlights From Our Annual Report

We've compiled Annual Survey responses from all 53 3RNet organizational members and the result is our 2014-2015 Annual Report! 

Here are five of our favorite highlights from the report: 

  1. Placements: Great Member Work Results in Improved Access
  2. Registrations – Candidates Continue to Trust 3RNet.org
  3. Wide Scope of 3RNet Members
  4. Collaboration is Key! 3RNet as a Catalyst of Workforce Collaboration in States
  5. 3RNet is GROWING. Improving Technology + More Education = Expanding  Our Reach.

Read the full blog post to learn more!


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