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Clarinda C. Ngirausui or Elizabeth Kohnen, MD, MPH
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Welcome to the Northern Marianas Islands - a tropical paradise offering the relaxing shores of magnificent beaches and crystal clear blue waters, as well as the lively bustle of night life,  a wide range of ethnic restaurants, and a multitude of outdoor activities, including windsurfing, paddleboarding, golf, scuba, snorkling, biking, spelunking, parasailing.  We have many cultural and historical attractions, recreational activities, world class golf courses, luxury hotels and homey island inns, restaurants,  and of course, our spectacular scenery ranging from colorful underwater reef life to lush, bird-filled tropical jungles.

On our three main islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota, experience the unhurried, incredibly friendly lifestyle and warm, island hospitality that are as unforgettable as our magical Micronesian sunsets. Via our many convenient organized tours, or venturing out on your own, you can unlock the secrets of paradise. Relaxation, adventure, new cultural insights, and yes, just plain fun, are treasures offered by a Northern Marianas Islands excursion. Once your shared our unique island spirit, the tropical warmth will be yours forever.   

Our patients are respectful and lovely and if you really want to be a doctor you will see, diagnose and treat a wide variety of interesting conditions and be able to make a real difference.  We have few specialists but have incredible colleague support in a non-litigious environment.  Most of our patients are local (Chamorro and Carolinian), Filipina, Korean, Chinese, and more.  There is no productivity requirement but you will want to dive in and help as many as you can.  Most of our patients have Medicaid with uninsured sliding-fee a not-distant second.

And if you are interested in exploring Asia, it is just a short hop away.

Key Points

Northern Saipan is rich in spectacular natural beauty and historical landmarks. Islan Maigo Fahang (Bird Island) is a must see with its breathtaking view of a secluded emerald bay. Explore Banadero Cave's (Last Command Post) WWII tanks, cannons, war relics, and natural limestone cave fortress.

Enjoy panoramic views from high atop Laderan Banadero (Suicide Cliff) and sheer sea cliffs at Puntan Sabaneta (Banzai Cliff). Take a cool dip in the Grotto, a huge limestone cavern connected to the open ocean by underwater passages - a super thrill for advanced scuba divers. Take a leisurely stroll of bike down the Marpi Pathway and visit the many peace memorials dedicated to the soldiers and families who gave their lives during WWII.

A popular local picnic area and jogging trail in central Saipan is the beautifully landscaped American Memorial Park. A trip to Saipan would not be complete without a visit to the pristine Managaha Island, easily accessible for day trips by glass bottom or speed boats.

Mount Tapochau, the highest point on Saipan, offers a 360-degree view of the island. Renovated from an old Japanese Hospital, the CNMI Museum of History and Culture features exhibits and interpretive displays of life in the Marianas before modern times. Observe some of the Marianas' interesting local creatures at the Saipan Zoo.

While cruising in the southern part of the island, stop and stroll at the Beach Road Pathway, a perfect spot to enjoy one of our magnificent sunsets. Plan to spend a day exploring the hundreds of exotic tropical flora at the award-winning Saipan Botanical Garden.

Near the Harbor on Tinian Island, check out the gigantic, hand-carved limestone latte stones at the House of Taga, home of Tinian's legendary Chief Taga. The northern end of the island is home to the sprawling North Field and numerous WWII structures such as the Atomic Bomb Pits. While up north, experience the awesome power and beauty of nature at the Blow Holes. In the central part of the island, get a scenic view of the island at Mount Lasso. In the south, peer over the steep cliffs at the pounding surf at Suicide Cliff.

The beautiful island of Rota possesses a unique character and charm that wins over just about everyone that goes there. On the western side of the island, take a refreshing dip in the cool, clear water at Rota's famous Swimming Hole. Just north of the airport, discover how the ancient Chamorros carved giant latte stones out of the limestone rock at the Taga Stone Quarry.

Take some great photos at Tewksberry Park with its perfectly lined rows of coconut palms. Get up close and personal with the friendly animals at the Rota Zoo. Continue east along beautiful Sasanhaya Bay and get a great view of Mt. Taipingot (Wedding Cake Mt.) , and the two well-preserved Japanese Cannons.

Specialties Sought

Our focus is on Primary Care Practitioners:

  • Internal Medicine/Family Medicine(3)
  • Internal Medicine/Hospitalist
  • Internal Medicine/Family Medicine(2) for Tinian and Rota Health Centers
  • Psychiatrist (1)
  • Nephrologist (2)
  • Pediatricians(3)
  • General Surgeons(1)
  • Anesthesiologist(1)
  • Emergency Medicine Physicians(2)
  • Orthopedic Surgeon (2)
  • Diabetic Educators (3)
  • Pharmacists(2)
  • Hospital Dietitian(1)
  • Renal Dietitian(1)
  • Renal Social Worker (Master Level)(1)
  • Social Workers
  • Nurses


Dental Recruiting

Dentist (second) for Saipan

Mental Health Recruiting


Registered Nurse Recruiting


We are part of the USA but have a very international feel and a very accepting, diverse, and integrated community.  You and your family will enjoy living here and enjoying the best of all worlds.

J1 Contact Information

Clarinda C. Ngirausui
Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation
P.O. Box 500409
1 Lower Navy Hill Road
Saipan, MP 96950
Phone: 670-236-8204
Fax: 670-236-8756

Additional Contacts

Beth Kohnen

Clarinda Ngirausui

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Clarinda C. Ngirausui or Elizabeth Kohnen, MD, MPH
Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation
P.O. Box 500409
1 Lower Navy Hill Road
Saipan, MP 96950
Phone: 670-236-8204 Kohnen- 670-783-1128
Fax: 670-236-8756


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