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Of all the places you can take a cruise, south Mississippi may be one of the best kept secrets - there's the river, the Gulf Coast and hundreds of relaxing roads you can go sailing down. The low coastal area is riddled with estuaries and waterways.

This historic area is filled with beautiful antebellum homes and other remnants of the Civil War. There are thirty-three (33) hospitals in the southern region of the state. The high temperatures during winter reach into the 60s, with lows in the 40s. Summer highs rise into the mid-90s with lows falling into the 70s.

The Mississippi Office of Rural Health and Primary Care has been designated to serve as a State Contact and clearinghouse for the J-1 Visa Waiver Programs. Mississippi J-1 Visa Waiver Policies and Procedures for the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and State 30 Program are available.

The MORHPC will administer the programs in a fair and consistent manner, as well as provide technical assistance to all interested in developing either the site predetermination or actual application for placement of a foreign-trained J-1 Visa Waiver provider.

Please visit the MS State Department of Health Website for information on J-1 Visa Waiver Program.

J1 Contact Information

Judy Newton
MS Department of Health/MS Office of Rural Health and Primary Care
POB 1700
570 East Woodrow Wilson Blvd.
Jackson, MS 39215
Phone: 601-576-7216
Fax: 601-576-7530

Mississippi Residency Programs Expansion since 2013:

  1. EC-Healthnet Family Medicine Residency Program http://echealthnet.com/
  2. Forrest General Hospital Family Residence Program-https://www.forresthealth.org/services/medicine/family-medicine-residency-clinic/https://www.forresthealth.org/services/medicine/family-medicine-residency-clinic/
  3. Keesler Air Force Base-Graduate Medical Education-https://www.keesler.af.mil/Units/81st-Training-Wing/Graduate-Medical-Education/
  4. Magnolia Regional Health Center Osteopathic Internal Medicine Residency-https://www.mrhc.org/medical-education/internal-medicine-program/
  5. Merit Health Wesley Graduate Residency Program-https://www.merithealthwesley.com/internal-medicine-residency
  6. North Mississippi Family Medicine Residency Program-http://www.nmhs.net/fmrc.php
  7. University of Mississippi  Medical Center Department of Family Medicine-https://www.umc.edu/som/Departments%20and%20Offices/SOM%20Departments/Family%20Medicine/Education/Residency/Overview.html



Kara M. Aldridge
Special Projects Officer
P.O. Box 1700
570 E. Woodrow Wilson
Jackson, MS 39215-1700
Phone: 601-576-7216
Fax: 601-576-7873
Mississippi State Department of Health/MS Office of Rural Health and Primary Care


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