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Welcome to the Phoenix Area of the Indian Health Service

The Phoenix Area Indian Health Service (IHS) provides health care and community health services to approximately 170,000 American Indians/Alaska Natives in Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Through eight Service Units, including two Youth Regional Treatment Centers and a network of heath care facilities, the Phoenix Area IHS is a health care partner to more than 40 Tribes.

With more than 2,400 staff, the Phoenix Area’s system of care includes both IHS-operated and Tribally operated health care facilities.

In the Phoenix Area, interdisciplinary teams are the model of practice, and health professionals often interact with many different disciplines in the provision of care. Our services are comprehensive and range from primary care (inpatient and outpatient) to tertiary and specialty care. Dental health, behavioral health, public health nursing, health education and environmental health services are also provided. In addition, three independent Urban Indian Health Program facilities supplement the array of services provided through our Tribal and IHS facilities.

The two Regional Youth Treatment Centers, located in Sacaton, AZ and Wadsworth, NV, are accredited by the Joint Commission on Behavioral Health Standards and operate as one organization providing services in two locations. The Area’s largest health care facility is the Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC), located near downtown Phoenix. This Joint Commission-accredited, 127-bed hospital employs nearly 1,200 clinical and professional staff who provide comprehensive, patient-centered care to both urban and rural Tribal members. In addition, PIMC professional staff travel throughout the tri-state Area to provide direct services, consultation and guidance to other IHS hospitals and health centers.

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Kevin Long, RN 
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Phoenix , AZ 85004 
Phone: 602-364-5178 
Fax: 602-364-5358

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