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Arkansas, the Natural State, is a wonderful place to spend time in the Great Outdoors with friends and family.  With scenery beyond compare, two mountain ranges, three national forests, and pristine lakes, you are sure to find something for everyone here. 

Our state is home to a thriving sportsman culture, with world-class fishing, hunting, hiking, and boating.  If you live for an adrenaline rush, try hang gliding in the Ouachita Mountains or a zip line high above the canopy in our beautiful deciduous forest, which covers the majority of the state.  There are countless miles of ATV and cycling trails in every corner the state, including the 21.2 mile Arkansas River trail which stretches from Little Rock to North Little Rock. Take to the highway and enjoy a leisurely motorcycle tour on a breathtaking autumn day in the Ouachita National Forest. In the spring, meet the challenge of running the Little Rock marathon (a Boston Marathon qualifier) with individuals from all over the US and 14 countries across the globe. 

Delight in the Arts at one of our fabulous museums, showcasing everything from Renaissance paintings to mementos from the Clinton presidential era.  Take in rich history by visiting our Civil War battlefields, or "Walk the Line" all the way to the Delta, and pay tribute to music legend Johnny Cash, whose childhood home is open for tours. See a Broadway show at the Robinson Center Performance Hall, or a live music concert at Verizon Arena.

You will find exquisite shopping across the state in Mom and Pop stores and sprawling metropolitan shopping centers with brand-name retailers.  Feed your appetite for culinary delights at one of the hundreds of fine dining establishments, or drop by a local brewery or winery to taste homegrown, handcrafted beers and wines. Arkansas boasts several local award winning breweries including, Stone's Throw, Lost Forty, and Diamond Bear. From May until October, Little Rock's Farmer's Market in the River Market District boasts the state's largest open-air market with fresh produce, local meats, honey, and other enticing artisan wares.

Our southern charm, diversity, and hospitality are unparalleled.  Anywhere you travel in the state, you will see there are plenty of reasons to love Arkansas, and plenty of activities to satisfy your entire family.  We hope you will come and stay, and see for yourself why our state is the "natural" choice! 

Key Points

  • Arkansas is home to dozens of international businesses whose corporate headquarters are located here, including Wal-Mart, Tyson Foods, Dillard's, Acxiom, Heifer International, Winrock International, and numerous others. 
  • We have a national airport located in Little Rock, with plans to upgrade to an international facility under way.  Currently, the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport offers daily non-stop flights to cities such as Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth,  Chicago, and Detroit, to name a few.
  • With an average temperature of 39.5 in January and 81.4 degrees in July, nature and outdoor enthusiasts love our state for its temperate climate and warm, mild winters compared to other cities in the US. The state's average rainfall is 48.52 inches and average snowfall is 5.2 inches.    
  • Visit the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, where you can dig for buried treasures in one of the few mines in the world open to the public.  Arkansas also offers exceptional quality quartz crystal, matching the beauty of those found in Brazil.
  • Relax in the thermal, healing waters of a bathhouse in Hot Springs National Park--one of America's first federally protected parks.  Step back in time and experience the health benefits of natural hot springs, sought after by the infamous Al Capone and others during the Prohibition Era.  Locally known as "Spa City", Hot Springs also offers the state's only thoroughbred racing track.

Specialties Sought

Arkansas is currently recruiting all primary healthcare fields, including family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, and OB/GYN. Sub-specialty trained physicians must be willing to work in rural areas. Our state also currently recruits dentists to meet our dental health care shortages. For dental opportunities, please contact: Office of Rural Health and Primary Care – Primary Care Office at 501-280-2549 or


Associate Members

Community Health Centers of Arkansas, Inc.
Arkansas Primary Care Association
119 S. Izard Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

Dental Recruiting

Our state currently recruits dentists. For dental opportunities, please contact: Office of Rural Health and Primary Care – Primary Care Office at 501-280-2549 or email at


Mental Health Recruiting

Our state currently recruits psychiatrists.  For more information, please contact: Office of Rural Health and Primary Care – Primary Care Office at 501-280-2549 or email at


Registered Nurse Recruiting

Our state currently recruits Registered Nurses (RNs). For nursing opportunities, please contact: Office of Rural Health and Primary Care – Primary Care Office at 501-280-2549 or email at

Message to J-1 VISA Physicians: The best way to practice in AR as a J-1 VISA candidate is to directly contact the Arkansas hospitals or clinics of interest to you.  Discuss directly with them their employment opportunities.  If a hospital/clinic writes they are "not a J-1 Visa site", please respect their statement and do not call them.  They know if they meet the criteria requirements.  The best use of your time is to only contact those sites that are eligible.

Please do not contact the J-1 Primary Care Office yourself.  Waivers are not issued directly to practitioners.  When you receive a job offer, the hiring facility or your immigration attorney will contact the J-1 Office to obtain the waiver on your behalf. 

J1 Contact Information

J-1 CVs to:
Arkansas Department of Health
4815 Markham
Slott 22
Little Rock, AR 72205-3867
Phone: 501-280-4529

Little Rock is the capital city of Arkansas.  In 2013, Kiplinger's named it the #1 best place to live in the U.S. for small to mid-sized cities in America, beating out cities like Burlington, VT and Santa Fe, NM.  Arkansas has a strong business sector that continues to grow, as well as access to excellent public education. The triumvirate of government, culture, and health care industries all converge in Little Rock, the state's most populous city.

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Office of Rural Health and Primary Care – Primary Care Office
Arkansas Department of Health
4815 Markham
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone: 501-280-2549
Arkansas Department of Health


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