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Welcome to Louisiana!

Louisiana’s richly diverse people and culture is second to none in all of America. Our food, music, festivals, history and most importantly, our people are what make Louisiana one-of-a-kind. 

There are plenty of benefits that come with living in LouisianaA low cost of living, a strong economy and one of the nation’s most vibrant and well-preserved cultures are just a few reasons Louisiana is a great place to call home. Louisiana is building upon this cultural advantage to create a place known for intellectual energy and creative capital.

Louisiana residents enjoy a low cost of living across the state — an average 5 percent lower than the rest of the country. Affordable housing costs coupled with some of the nation’s lowest utility rates make the state a comfortable place to live. In addition, residents are able to choose from a variety of excellent public, magnet and private school options that incorporate aggressive education development strategies and offer innovative activities such as Edible Schoolyards, a program that teaches students responsibility while integrating gardening with culinary lessons.

Forbes named Louisiana “America’s New Frontier for Business,” strengthening Louisiana’s status as one of the most attractive places in the nation for companies to do business. The state also has a variety of opportunities for working professionals. With increasing job growth across multiple industries, the presence of companies of varying sizes — ranging from technology start-ups to Fortune 500 powerhouses — and engaging networking opportunities available statewide, Louisiana professionals take advantage of the state’s diverse work environments.

Louisiana, also known as the “Sportsman’s Paradise”, is home to an environment unlike any other and a haven for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. The state is replete with fish and wildlife as diverse as the people who come from all over to seek them out.

With an eclectic blend of arts and music venues, more than 400 festivals held annually, and numerous opportunities to enjoy the scenic outdoors, Louisiana residents benefit from the state’s unique quality of life.

Laissez le bon temps rouler – Let the good times roll! 

(Information courtesy of LA Economic Development)

Specialties Sought

Louisiana is seeking qualified healthcare professionals; primarily physicians, dentists, and dental hygienists. We also post opportunities for clinical and administrative positions in all regions of Louisiana.

Dental Recruiting

The Bureau of Primary Care and Rural Health assist communities in recruiting health care professionals to serve in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA).  Its partners include 64 Rural Health Clinics and 37 Federally Qualified Health Centers.  It has developed a recruitment initiative to bring a focused oral health recruitment service to the high-need dental HPSAs.   To learn more for dental opportunities, please contact Alexis Beckwith – Alexis.beckwith@la.gov

Mental Health Recruiting

The Office of Behavioral Health provides statewide authority and accountability for all behavioral healthcare, including mental health treatment services, for Louisiana citizens. This includes coordinating between other agencies and partnering entities that deliver and manage components of care for the behavioral health population, both insured and uninsured (e.g., Medicaid, human services districts/authorities, etc.). Legislation mandates that the local administration of the Louisiana behavioral healthcare system, including both community and residential services, is operated by independent health care districts or authorities (also referred to as local governing entities or LGEs). The Office of Behavioral Health maintains two state psychiatric hospitals at Central Louisiana State Hospital (CLSH) in Pineville, LA, and the Eastern Louisiana Mental Health System (ELMHS) in Jackson, LA. To learn more about mental health opportunities, please contact Trudy Wickham – trudywellaheadla@gmail.com

Interested sites should contact Nicole Peace Coarsey . Physicians seeking a J-1 visa waiver should register on the 3RNet website and contact the employer job contact.  LA has a J-1 visa waiver program called the Louisiana Conrad State 30 Program.  The purpose of the Conrad State 30 (J-1 Visa Waiver) Program is to recruit needed primary care and specialty physicians into federally designated health professional shortage areas.  Applications are accepted on rolling basis.  Louisiana fills 18-22 slots per year.

J1 Contact Information

Nicole Peace Coarsey
Bureau of Primary Care and Rural Health
628 North 4th St.
PO Box 3118
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: (225) 342-1583
Fax: (225) 342-5839

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Nicole Peace Coarsey
Bureau of Primary Care and Rural Health
628 North 4th St.
PO Box 3118
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: 225-342-1583
Fax: 225-342-5839


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