An Employer's Guide to Workforce Programs

    This guide provides a general overview for employers of three programs important to the health care workforce in rural and underserved areas: health professional shortage areas (HPSAs), loan repayment programs, and the Conrad 30 J-1 Visa Waiver program.

    Health Professional Shortage Areas

    • The most important piece of advice we can give about HPSAs?
    • What is a HPSA?
    • To learn more about HPSAs
    • How can you find out if your area or facility has a HPSA designation?
    • Types of HPSAs
    • What should you, a health care employer, know about HPSAs?

    Loan Repayment Programs

    • The most important piece of advice we can give about loan repayment?
    • Terms you need to know
    • Where can you learn more about repayment programs in your state?
    • Common Loan Repayment Programs
    • Other Programs
    • Other Important Things to Know About Loan Repayment Programs

    J-1 Visa Waivers

    • Why is a Waiver Needed?
    • Steps to the J-1 Waiver Process
    • Once You Find a Candidate You Want
    • About the Conrad 30 Program
    • How States Determine Areas of Need
    • Potential State Variations
    • Other Agencies That Offer Waivers

    Players Involved in the J-1 Visa Waiver Process

    • PCO
    • Questions to ask the PCO
    • Employer
    • Job Seeker
    • Attorney
    • State J-1 Waiver Officer

    Why Should I Recruit and How Do I Retain Someone on a J-1 Waiver?