Community Based Training

    Community Based Training by 3RNet

    3RNet provides practical training around rural and underserved recruitment and retention. Our focus is on providing tangible take-aways to improve your recruiting toward retaining efforts.

    Interested in utilizing any of our services? Contact Michelle Varcho, 3RNet Director of Education Outreach, to learn more about our philosophy, process, and pricing.

    Facility/Community Assessments (onsite assessment)

    We conduct onsite presentations and technical assistance to aid in your process for recruiting and retaining health care professionals. The outcome of our onsite assessment includes the creation and assistance in implementation of a site-specific, in-depth Recruitment for Retention Action Plan based on the 15-step process outline in 3Net’s Recruiting for Retention Manual. Assessments can be conducted for individual sites or groups of sites (for example, a chain of community health centers).

    Recruitment for Retention Readiness Assessment

    Review of an organization's recruitment readiness. Report includes an outside prospective on strengths and challenges from the employer's recruitment process, marketing, and online presence. Information for the report is gathered through a survey, interviews, and an in depth web audit.

    Recruitment for Retention Strategies for Rural and Underserved Communities (presentation)

    Recruiting and retaining hard-to-find clinicians is one of biggest challenges facing the health care industry. It’s vital to use a strategic approach that emphasizes recruiting the right clinicians who will stay for an extended period of time.

    This four-hour workshop goes through the 15-step process of 3RNet’s Recruiting for Retention Manual including topics such as: planning and preparation, sourcing candidates, screening candidates, and following up and following through toward retention. You will learn how to strategize and implement best practices, and you’ll walk away with a plan that includes practical solutions for recruiting and retaining providers into rural and underserved communities.

    Identify and Communicate Strengths, Invest in Challenges: A Workshop Approach (presentation)

    Every community has unique strengths and challenges in recruitment and retention. This session will guide you through the process of identifying and communicating strengths, and investing in challenges. Participants will examine how rural and underserved facilities can better recruit and retain quality providers and will be guided through an interactive workshop approach centered around 3RNet’s Factors To Market Your Community books. These books walk through factors proven to be critical in rural and underserved recruitment and retention.

    Effective Retention and Onboarding Strategies for Rural and Underserved Communities (presentation) 

    You’ve taken so much time and effort to recruit the ideal candidate. Learn how to properly onboard them and key strategies for retaining employees throughout the lifecycle of their employment. This session will have you understanding how to conduct a proper stay interview, what unique benefits you can offer, what different generations want from their employment and how to utilize an employee satisfaction survey in an effective manner.

    Marketing Yourself to Candidates (presentation)

    Having your marketing efforts candidate oriented can make all the difference. In this session we will go through the five top tips for successfully marketing yourself to your candidate, including: How to Create an Effective Job Ad (and why this matters), Making a Lasting First Impression, SEO Basics, Tackling Social Media, and Time & Money Saving Tools.

    How to create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) (presentation) 

    Answer the “WIIFM” (What’s in it for me?) question that every candidate has in this session as we walk you through the five components of creating an EVP: Career, Culture, Work Environment, Culture, and Benefits/Compensation. Understand the types of the questions you should be asking, the employees you should be asking and the process for creating your own personalized EVP.

    Cookies on your doorstep: The Advantages of Recruiting Rural (presentation)

    A motivational type overview of why recruiting to rural is different.