About Us

3RNet—The National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network—is made up of organizations such as State Offices of Rural Health, Primary Care Offices, AHECs, university programs, state-based non-profit organizations and Primary Care Associations. These agencies help physicians and health professionals with recruitment and retention to rural and underserved communities throughout the country. Each organization has information supporting physician and health care recruitment for rural and underserved communities in their respective states or territories. 

They will be able to assist medical and health professionals and their families identify the resources necessary to meet the personal and professional requirements they seek. They can tell you what it's like to live and practice in those communities and assist you in securing the one job that offers the best compatible match to your professional and personal needs.

Doctor with Patient


3RNet works to improve rural and underserved communities' access to quality health care through recruitment of physicians and other health care professionals, development of community based recruitment and retention activities, and national advocacy relative to rural and underserved health care workforce issues.