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Rural Minnesota: Your Chance to Shine!

Rural Minnesota: Your Chance to Shine!

Our members know their states! Learn more about Minnesota from our member, Pam!

Name: Pam Lehmann, Healthcare Recruiter

City, State: Dawson, Minnesota

Organization: Medi-Sota, Inc.

How long have you lived in Minnesota?
I have lived in rural Minnesota my entire life. The exceptional quality of life is what keeps me here – safe/friendly communities, low cost of living and close-knit supportive neighbors are an integral part of daily life. Raising my children in a small town meant that they were able to participate in a variety of school activities: including athletics, music, drama, debate and more while developing relationships with fellow students from a wide variety of backgrounds as well as interests. As a parent, you develop strong relationships with the other parents, teachers, coaches and other leaders which allows you to know exactly what is going on in your child’s day-to-day activities. Having raised three children in this supportive rural environment, it is quite satisfying to know that there are places you can raise well-rounded children with a solid work ethic, excellent people skills and a strong moral compass. I am very proud to say these values and our way of life are what has brought my children back to this area to raise my grandchildren.

How is 3RNet impacting Minnesota?
As the 3RNet Organizational Member in Minnesota we are very pleased with the number of candidates that are expressing interest in the variety of positions available at our health care facilities. What we like best about the applicants we are seeing is that the candidates from 3RNet WANT a rural location where they can work in health care and UNDERSTAND the difference between living in a small town or rural area compared with an urban/suburban opportunity. Therefore these 3RNet candidates appreciate and value the “way of life” that can only be found in a rural community.

What are the best cultural events that happen in Minnesota?
Depending on where you are in the State of Minnesota, you can find cultural events that are quite varied throughout the year. Plus with the ease of travel around this region you can easily take the day to travel to most any event that interests you. Outdoor events are extremely popular year-round!

Why should a health professional choose Minnesota over surrounding states?
Minnesota is known for high quality healthcare and we deeply value the skills brought into our communities by all levels of healthcare providers as well as others who work in the healthcare industry. Top quality healthcare is of the highest importance to all residents of this state. Our facilities pride themselves on providing a caring environment with state-of-the-art technology.

Are health care professionals valued in Minnesota?
All health care professionals are highly valued in Minnesota but most especially considered a vital part of the community in our rural locations. Health care workers are held in the highest of esteem and the communities support the healthcare institutions initiatives as well as any related foundations that help to benefit the healthcare needs of all rural residents.

Why do people travel to Minnesota?
Minnesota has a lot of attractions for visitors throughout the year! In every part of the state there are outdoor and indoor activities happening year-round. No matter what your personal interests might be, there is something for everyone.  Add to that our friendly and welcoming communities and you will feel at home no matter where you stop. Attractions include: arts, culture, music, history, nature, sporting activities, and more!

What sports teams does Minnesota have?
We have professional, college and minor league sports groups which represent Minnesota – baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, football and more!  Including beautiful stadiums and arenas for spectators.

What is your favorite local food?
Due to the wide array of ethnicities throughout the State of Minnesota there is an abundance of food choices.  As a lifelong resident, I would not be able to cite a single food that I would consider a “local food” because we are such a melting pot of nationalities and customs.  My favorite way to find “local food” is to ask folks in that community what is the “best food in town” and give that a try!

What is Minnesota best known for?
Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and we have water access almost anywhere! Lakes, rivers, streams are everywhere – if you like to spend time on or near the water Minnesota is where you want to be.  We have 90,000 miles of shoreline which is more than all of the shoreline combined for California, Florida and Hawaii…

Health care history includes the first open heart surgery and the first bone marrow transplant in the United States were done in Minnesota at the University of Minnesota.

What is the biggest misconception about Minnesota?
It is cold in Minnesota all the time. Minnesota is a four-season state and our temperature varies depending on your exact location as well as the season. Our high temps in the summer can climb well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the winter lows can fall well below ZERO. We have a wonderful ever-changing landscape that is dramatically different and beautiful during each unique season.

What are the biggest industries in Minnesota?
Farming/AgriBusiness are a major part of our economy along with healthcare/medical, manufacturing, retail, financial, forestry, mining and more all come together to create a diverse economy.  Some of our most well-known organizations/companies represented in Minnesota include:  Mayo Clinic, UnitedHealth Group, St. Jude Medical, Target, 3M, Honeywell, Control Data Corporation, Medtronic, Best Buy, SuperValu, US Bancorp, Ameriprise, Thrivent, Polaris Industries, Arctic Cat, General Mills, Cargill, Hormel Foods, Alliant Techsystems, Ceridian, Hutchinson Technology, Imation and many more!

How is the weather/climate in Minnesota?
The weather in Minnesota is ever changing. Because we have four full seasons the climate is quite varied. In Minnesota we have fantastic spring weather where we can watch the trees begin to bud, the grass turns green and the flowers begin to peek through the ground. In the summer months we have lovely warm and sometimes extremely hot sunny days with just enough rain to usually keep the landscape green while allowing ample time for most any outdoor activity you enjoy. The fall is a marvelous mixture of warms days and cool nights resulting in great sleeping weather with the windows open and the opportunity to watch the landscape change from the summer green to the beautiful fall colors. There is nothing like watching the first beautiful snowfall and waking to the frost covered trees knowing that this next season will help to create a winter landscape for a multitude of outdoor snowy recreation activities!