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Come to Oregon, and welcome home!

Our members know their states! Hear more about Oregon from our member, Kate Hubbard!

Name: Kate Hubbard    

City, State: Portland, Oregon, with the caveat that I’m only in the city for now – I’m a farm girl at heart!

Organization: Oregon Office of Rural Health/Area Health Education Center 

How long have you lived in Oregon? Why do you choose to live there? I’ve lived in Oregon quite a long time, and frankly I chose it mostly because of the whitewater. After growing up in rural Idaho and Washington, I was seeking an area with close access to abundant whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, and skiing. Since I had family in the area, I ended up in Portland.

How is 3RNet impacting Oregon? 3RNet offers employers an opportunity to highlight their unique communities and show the power of rural in our state. We all celebrate when a candidate finds their perfect match here, and 3RNet is the best resource to make those matches happen.

What are the best cultural events that happen in Oregon? My personal favorites are smaller, such as Shakespeare in the Park, outdoor community movie nights during summer months, the drive-in theater, art walks, and the huge variety of live music shows. I saw a cello group performing Radiohead in the rose gardens at Washington Park – it was perfect. 

Why should a health professional choose Oregon over surrounding states? The fantastic quality of life. Oregon is a jewel – there are a variety of climates and communities, parks galore, and endless outdoor recreation. Having traveled around the U.S. and internationally, I can confidently say that we have some truly unique and beautiful scenery here. We also have world-class vineyards, breweries, and chefs, and a plethora of events to attend. Whether it’s the symphony, Shakespeare in Ashland, the Pendleton Roundup, or the numerous festivals, concerts, and community events happening year round, I can’t say enough good things! The influx of new residents in recent years has also added new perspectives and additional economic opportunity.

What loan repayment programs does Oregon have? Anything that makes those programs unique? Oregon just launched a Behavioral Health Loan Repayment Program that we’re excited about. That’s in addition to existing loan forgiveness and loan repayment programs. We also administer health care provider tax credits and an insurance subsidy program – those dollars add up fast! 

Are health care professionals valued in Oregon?
Healthcare professionals tend to be honored members of the community, particularly in our rural and frontier areas.

Why do people travel to Oregon? For the magnificent scenery, wine country, the covered bridges, epic mountain biking and back packing, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, the ridiculously delicious foodie scene, and to shop with no sales tax! Some of the many favorites are: Haystack Rock, Crater Lake National Park, Mount Hood, Multnomah Falls and the Columbia River Gorge, the Painted Hills, the Ashland Shakespeare Festival, the Goonies Festival, and honestly I’m expecting an influx once word spreads about the wide open beauty of eastern Oregon. The Wallowa Mountains are spectacular, and Treasure Valley is exactly that. 

What sports teams does Oregon have? We have the Ducks, Beavers, and Trailblazers! I’m also a fan of the Rose City Rollers, the Portland Timbers, and the Thorns. 

What is your favorite local food? That’s a hard one but I’d start with locally grown produce, and the abundance of food carts here – it’s hard to choose just one. This month at carts I’ve had delicious tamales, pho, BBQ, tsebhi with injera, and a curry that nearly made me cry with happiness. I love and appreciate the diversity here! I do also lean happily towards anything with hazelnuts or marionberries.

What is Oregon best known for? Possibly Portland since it’s been booming in recent years and it gets a lot of press. Portland is also the biggest misconception about Oregon, as we’re so much more than the metropolitan area. 98,000 square miles more, and our rural and frontier areas are much different than the city. Visit some of our smaller towns and you’ll see what I mean – careful though, as you may fall in love and not want to leave!

What are the biggest industries in Oregon? Technology, timber, and health care.

How is the weather/climate in Oregon? Oregon is huge, so there are variations depending on the region. Overall it’s pretty temperate with four seasons. I will add that it is fantastic for gardening.