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Our members know their states! Read why Nebraska might not be for everyone, but may be for you, from our humorous Nebraska member, Tom Rauner.

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There are several state and federal incentive programs in Nebraska which are used to address health care provider shortages. Each of the incentive programs offer significant resource assistance to help recruit and retain health care providers in underserved areas.

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Like many of our members, our Nebraska member Tom Rauner (in addition to his role as a 3RNet member) wears many ‘hats’ in his day-to-day professional life. Tom shared with us a unique example of several responsibilities coming together to improve health care in Nebraska through his work with a longtime partner, Rebecca Rayman.

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Boone County, Nebraska has achieved eliminating their status as a health professional shortage area. Read about their experience and how our Nebraska 3RNet member, Tom Rauner, has played a part in helping ensure Boone County has access to health care.

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Nebraska has many options if you’re considering working in a rural or underserved area. We’ve compiled information on several pertinent recruitment and retention topics from the Nebraska Office of Rural Health’s website including information on:


  • Recruitment and Retention Assistance in Nebraska
  • State-Funded Student Loan and Loan Repayment Programs
  • Federal Scholarship and Loan Repayment Programs
  • State and Federal Shortage Areas
  • Nebraska's State 30 J1 Visa Waiver Program
  • Health Care Facilities Designated to Serve Underserved Areas or Populations

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