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It’s hard to believe it, but our blog on all things recruitment and retention has already been running for an entire year! When we came up with the idea for our blog, our goal was to consistently put out new information related to our member’s work. After 12 months of blogging, we feel pretty good about what we’ve accomplished. To celebrate this achievement, we’ve compiled some of our favorite blog-related moments from our inaugural year as bloggers.

We’ve posted 45 stories from our members, partners, and even ourselves about jobs in rural and underserved areas across the country. We’ve shared updates from our favorite events throughout the year including the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting, AAFP National Conference, AAFP Scientific Event, and our own 3RNet Annual Conference. We’ve also highlighted providers—from nurses, to residents, to physicians who found their jobs through 3RNet. We’ve chatted with facilities across the country who work with our 3RNet members. We’ve traveled (virtually, of course) from Hawaii, to Maine; Louisiana, to Arizona to share the good work our members do every day! We’ve shared important events and what they mean to 3RNet, such as the National Health Service Corps’ Corp Community Day, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health’s National Rural Health Day, and important things new residents should keep in mind as they start a new, important chapter in their medical training.

Well, as you can see we tried to come up with some favorites, but we could probably share highlights from all 45 blog posts. We won’t, but if you’re interested in browsing through all of our posts, you can do so here. While you’re on our blog, don’t forget you can also subscribe to receive simple email notifications when we have a new story to share.

We want to shout out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported our blog throughout the year. Many of our members contributed stories, helped connect us with people to interview, and provided lots of information toward the 18,000+ words we’ve written over the past 52 weeks. Like most things for 3RNet, we are nothing without our members, partners, and supporters and we appreciate the love for our blog on all things recruitment and retention.

As we look back on what our national organization has accomplished over this past year, we’re excited to embark on year two of blogging! We hope you’ll keep joining us as we continue to share successful stories from our members, health professionals who have found jobs they love in rural and underserved America, our partners, and everything else. Stay tuned!

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