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This blog post comes to us from our current featured member, Maine! Read on to find out more about the Pine Tree State.

Maine, Vacationland, the way life should be. A location rich in culture and beauty, offering mountains, coastlines, and four distinct seasons. For those looking for an exciting new adventure or to experience both rural and small city life, Maine is the place to be.

Within its 35,285 square miles, Maine has most anything a person could want to see and do. Within a day’s trip a person could hike a mountain in the morning and enjoy fresh seafood on the coast in the evening. Any outdoor hobbyist could find an abundance of outdoor activities, in the spring Mainers appreciate Maine Maple Sunday, celebrating the legacy of the maple industry. In the summer both rocky and sandy beaches offer a place to relax on or participate in many coastal activities.

In the Fall Maine has, hands down, the best foliage in the Northeast, drawing in thousands of tourists. And Maine’s winter, although sometimes cold and snowy, allows for peak outdoor physical fun in skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and ice fishing.

If the outdoors isn’t for you, Maine still can be. If you’re looking for a growing and exciting food scene, Portland is the place for you. Recently declared “America’s Coziest City” by Elle Décor Magazine, Portland offers an array of incredible cuisine from food trucks to fine dining. Although seafood is abundant and delicious, the options in Portland span the globe.

Portland isn’t the only place for great food, Maine has both open and obvious delicious choices, as well as hundreds of hidden finds across the state.

Maine is also up and coming in the arts, with scenes developing in Bangor, the queen city, as well as big name performers coming in from across the nation to play for crowds much smaller than one would have access to in larger cities.

While Maine offers much in the way of scenery and activity, there is something to be said for the residents. Across the state people are welcoming and willing to help their neighbors and friends. Communities are built on one on one relationships. It doesn’t matter if you’re in one of the more populated portions of the state or in one of the most rural, the sense of community is always present.

Maine is both rich in history and embracing the future. As an area brimming with potential for development, it’s a great place to visit, but an even better place to stay. Whether you’re thinking of moving by yourself or with someone else, Maine is the perfect place to start an exciting and new chapter in your life.

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