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Many of the stories we share on our blog are stories of success through 3RNet. We tell stories about our members who work hard to connect health professionals with jobs in rural and underserved areas. We share experiences of those providers who found a job they love through 3RNet, and we even tell tales about the employers who have come to know and trust their 3RNet member who provides an invaluable service for their facilities by bringing them information on providers they need.

This story is a bit different. We like to think of it as the beginning to one of the many success stories we hear. Our Louisiana member, Dorie Tschudy, asked us to spread the word about a job opening at one of the federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) she works with in north-central Louisiana.

We chatted with one of the FQHCs employees, April Vivas to learn more about this job opportunity and why Dorie thought it was important for us to tell this story. 

April’s employer, Morehouse Community Medical Centers, Inc., is looking for a dentist to start a brand new practice that would serve their three regular clinic sites, two school-based sites, and a mobile dental site that cover two rural areas: Union parish and Morehouse parish (fun fact: Louisiana has ‘parishes’ instead of counties. They are the only state in the Union with this distinction). This is a brand new position, and as April put it, is perfect for someone who is a ‘go getter’. 

Sounds like a big job, right? Well, it comes with its perks!

“We want someone who wants to come in, build a practice, have their own office, all at no expense to them,” April said. “Our CEO, Katie, is looking for someone who wants to come in and build a practice as if it’s their own. She wants input on everything—equipment, staff, hours—their insights and opinions would be what Katie relies on.”

Even better, this dental opportunity comes with financial benefits.

“We are offering a $10,000 sign-on bonus for this job and our sites qualify for the Federal and State loan repay programs. To us, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in practice a long time or if you’re straight out of Dental School,” April said. “We really just want someone who is dedicated to serving everyone and who will be passionate about their practice. We want someone that wants to be the dental director and grow our dental program.”

The cherry on top? Bastrop, Louisiana has amenities and culture that many professionals fear they’ll miss by being in a rural area. 

“Bastrop and some surrounding communities are growing like crazy. Our local economy is really strong,” April said. “Monroe, Louisiana is about 20 minutes away and has a lot to offer that most smaller towns don’t, including a local theater, children’s and art museums, symphony and ballet, and a downtown art district. We’ve got great schools and, as some people might recognize, Monroe is home to the Duck Dynasty empire. Their warehouse is in West Monroe and they have a restaurant there, too.”

April certainly knows how to sell the community she’s called home her entire life! We hope we can help the right candidate to find this area as a new home, too. 

If you’re interested in this position, please contact our Louisiana 3RNet member, Dorie Tschudy
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