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John Williams, administrator and CEO at Oneida County Hospital in Malad City, Idaho, is the perfect example of someone running a rural hospital: he’s extremely busy, wears many hats every single day, and he uses resources like 3RNet to make running his organization smoother.

Busy might not even cover how to describe John’s professional life. When we spoke with him, he was also driving around town looking for potential rental properties for a new hire: a physician and his family. It made for an entertaining conversation, and we’re grateful to John for taking time from his busy day to visit with us.

John, like any CEO, has about a million things he wants to get done everyday. One of the most necessary things to ensure a health care facility runs smoothly is qualified, dedicated staff. As we mentioned, John recently hired a physician he was able to find through 3RNet. 

“When I first got on 3RNet I reached out to candidates that showed an interest in Idaho, and I was able to follow up with people on an ongoing basis. That’s how I was able to find this physician and work with him to make the move to our facility happen,” Williams said.

While working with the physician to get him onboard, John also worked with his community. 

“We paid for him and his wife to come out and see our community.  Our community got very involved: school administration all came and met them on their day off, we had them stay at a nice, local bed and breakfast. We wanted to make sure they got to see what our community is about, and now they’re on their way—they’re committed,” Williams added.

‘Wearing many hats’ may not cover Williams’ dedication to his job. He shared with us that the rental property he was searching for was for this family. They want to build a home nearby and will need a place to stay until that project is complete. In fact, Williams said that if needed, he has family in town he can stay with so the family can use his home—now that’s dedication to your work AND your community!

Williams is passionate about what he does, but he knows he has support to help him make his hospital the best it can be. Williams had great things to say about our Idaho member, Andy Noble.

“I found out about 3RNet from our previous administrator. I got in touch with Andy and he took the time to walk me through it, show me how I could use it and how I should use it. He knew his stuff! Andy was very proactive in making sure that we got the most out of 3RNet,” Williams said. “As important as it is for us to have something like 3RNet, it’s as important to have someone like Andy on the state level to follow up with us—that’s so critical. When those steps are in place, I don’t know how an organization couldn’t be successful with 3RNet.”
In addition to the physician Williams was house hunting for, he shared that he found another provider through 3RNet who was completing a residency in Michigan. 

“The residency program he was in, in the last year allowed people to complete a residency at a facility they’re thinking about working at. He came out and followed a provider for 30 days,” Williams said. “He got to see the workload and what the community was like. It was the best possible interview.”

We’re thrilled John has had success with finding great providers through 3RNet, and we’re even more ecstatic that we have such a great member in Idaho to help connect health professionals to jobs they want in rural and underserved communities!
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