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Scott Rollett, MBA, CMPE, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for Windrose Health Network, a Federally Qualified Health Center with five locations in south central Indiana, spent a few minutes telling us how he works with Indiana’s 3RNet member, the Indiana Primary Health Care Association, and why that relationship is so important for the facilities he helps staff.
“Our relationship with the Indiana Primary Health Care Association is pretty robust,” Scott said. “Our CEO currently serves as the Vice Chair of their board of directors, and in the past I’ve been on their Finance Committee.”
In addition to helping guide how the IPHCA works on a committee level, Scott and his recruitment team look to IPHCA for referrals from physician candidates.
“We know that the system IPHCA uses for jobs, 3RNet, is where physicians looking to work in underserved areas look first. We advertise all of our openings there,” Scott said.
“Recruiting for our locations is really a team effort. I do a lot of the legwork when it comes to recruiting physicians. I am responsible for initial candidate screenings, and I have the first conversations with potential employees and set up interviews. Then, others on our team get involved and it’s a group process,” Scott added.
Windrose Health Network and the Indiana Primary Health Care Association’s relationship is truly symbiotic; while Scott and his colleagues have sat on committees, Scott explained what it means to have an organization like IPHCA as an extraneous part of their recruitment team.
“It’s so important to have someone like Anna at IPHCA, who sends us our referrals, because she’s our primary source of physician recruits. In recent years, we’ve hired a lot of physicians who are working on a J-1 Visa, and without her referrals we maybe couldn’t go through that process because of high placement fees we might find somewhere else,” Scott said. “That service that Anna and IPHCA provide us, that’s so great.”
Scott may sing Anna and IPHCA’s praises, but Windrose must be doing something right. Scott shared that it’s very unusual for them to turn over physicians if the fit is right.
“I think part of our success is our excellent location. Most of our clinic locations are 30-45 minutes from downtown Indianapolis and Columbus is close, as well, which makes this a pretty attractive job market, especially for multiple-professional households,” Scott said.
“Windrose is a very family-friendly organization. We’re an outpatient-only setup, so there’s no weekend work, and the on-call schedule is limited because of the Nurse Triage system we use,” Scott added. “Finally, we try and hire mission-oriented people. We’re pretty straightforward about that. If people are in it only for the money, we tell them it’s probably not going to be a good fit. We also encourage potential employees to shadow for a day; by spending the day here and seeing how we work, people can see the environment they will work in and if it’s right for them.”
All that transparency must be doing something, and we’re so glad to hear of Windrose’s success, and that 3RNet has been able to play a small part in that success through our Indiana member, IPHCA.
To learn more about jobs in Indiana, visit our Indiana location page. To learn more about Windrose Health Network, visit http://www.windrosehealth.net/ or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/windrosehealth.net/.

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