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November 20 marks an important event for those of us in the ‘rural health world’ – National Rural Health Day. Started by the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH), National Rural Health Day is a day where we want to recognize the importance of rural and celebrate the good things happening in rural areas.

If you stop to consider the good things happening in rural communities – you likely won’t get far before reaching the topic of health care. Not only does access to a physician, dentist, nurse practitioner, or other provider mean that a rural community is healthier, as we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, access to quality health providers also creates a good chunk of economic activity for rural communities. For example, an average critical access hospital brings 204 jobs to a local economy. Also, according to the National Center for Rural Health Works, the average economic impact of a rural primary care physician is anywhere from $1 to $1.8 million, and on average hiring a physician results in adding 23 other jobs. 

What would happen to rural America without health care? NOSORH points out several important facts about rural communities:

  • One in five Americans live and work in rural areas
  • Millions of individuals and families visit rural and frontier areas each year
  • Rural America is an often-overlooked economic engine which shapes the United States.
  • Farm commodities, ranching, mining, oil, gas, and clean energy from rural America provide a wealth of products and services.
Consider the residents, tourists, employees, farmers, ranchers, and energy providers of our nation who would not have access to care when needed if it was not there. Research tells us they may not stay in rural communities to provide services, food, and energy we need.

3RNet members work every day to ensure access to health care providers in rural areas and we are so proud of the important work our national network achieves every day. 3RNet members help:
  • Ensure that everyone has access to care regardless of where they live
  • Improve the economy of rural areas by placing physicians and other health professionals there
  • Sustain rural America by promoting jobs in rural areas across the country
  • Connect rural and underserved communities with professionals looking to live and work in those areas. 
As we celebrate the power of rural this National Rural Health Day, we celebrate the work of our 3RNet members who strive to be trusted resources for job seekers and employers. We must also recognize organizations like NOSORH who help promote the good things happening in rural communities across the nation. 

Help us celebrate National Rural Health Day by saying thank you to someone who helps improve rural by improving rural health care. Our thank you goes to our members, partners, and those dedicated to serving in rural communities. Thank you!

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