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We exhibited at the AAFP Scientific Assembly last week in Washington, D.C. Here are five things that were highlights for us!

Family Physicians. We just love them. Along with other physician specialties and a variety of different health providers, we are head over heels about health providers who choose to work in primary care. Our mission is to improve rural and underserved communities’ access to quality health care through the recruitment of physicians and other health care providers. Often this means working with primary care providers, including family physicians.

Our Members. 3RNet always comes back to the wonderful people who comprise our membership. We had three members join us at this event: Ben King with the Cherokee Nation, Ashley Mills from Colorado, and Melissa Candelaria with New Mexico. Our members do an outstanding job of explaining who 3RNet is and what we do, in addition to being great spokespeople for job opportunities in their states. Attending events like the AAFP Scientific Assembly would probably be much more difficult (and let’s face it, not as much fun!) without our amazing members who help promote the good work they do.

Our Customers. We are always glad when practicing health care providers stop by and see us at events and tell us how helpful 3RNet was for them in finding a job. Our New Mexico member, Melissa Candelaria, had a few of these experiences at this conference: “I was really impressed by the three folks that came by just to tell us about how great our services are, how helpful 3RNet was in their job search and what a great all around resource we are.  I met a physician on the metro, not only was he extremely helpful in coaching me with the metro process, but as we were chatting he told me that in about three years he would be looking for our exhibit to help him in his job search, as he is currently in the service so again I feel the relationships we build are so critical in our jobs!” 

Camaraderie. We always have a great time visiting with great providers looking for jobs in rural and underserved areas. It’s why we make the effort to attend events like this! We also appreciate all of our partners who stop by to say ‘hello’ and check in with us. We are so fortunate to a wide variety of people who are “advocates” of the work we do. We’re always glad to meet someone new to an organization we work closely with or see a friendly, familiar face!

Washington D.C. Different locations always create variations in events like the AAFP Scientific Assembly. If you’ve ever attended a large conference or trade show multiple times and it’s in a different city each year, you probably know what this is like. Our nation’s capital was a great place to host a national conference! Aside from any political discussions – it’s humbling to be in the city where so many decisions that affect health care are made! It’s no secret we live in a time where many changes to our health system are being made with the Affordable Care Act, but aside from that, being able to take in the city where ‘it all happens’ creates quite the conference backdrop!

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