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National Health Service Corps is celebrating Corps Community Day on October 9, and we are excited to help them promote this event. Corps Community Day is a day to celebrate the impact of the NHSC on improving access to health care and highlighting the importance of the primary care workforce as a whole.

1. We have a strong partnership of nearly 20 years with NHSC

Our mission aligns closely with the work of National Health Service Corps. Ultimately, both of our organizations are focused on ensuring that everyone – no matter where they live – has access to quality health care. 

NHSC helps ensure access to health care through their many scholarship and loan repayment programs. You can learn more about the different ways NHSC will support health care providers financially in exchange for service in a rural or underserved area here

Similarly, 3RNet works to match health professionals to jobs in rural or underserved areas. Some of these jobs are the same jobs you could find through National Health Service Corps (which is why we work to promote the Corps!), but we also have jobs on 3RNet.org that are not NHSC-qualifying jobs. 

2. NHSC is essential to the work of many of our members

Our members interact with National Health Service Corps in many ways.
Many of our members are National Health Service Corps Ambassadors, which means they are dedicated volunteers who help educate and inform prospective Corps members. If a health professional looking for a job is interested in a rural or underserved area, odds are our members will be able to help them find out whether that location is an approved NHSC site. 

In many instances our members are working with facilities that are NHSC approved sites. They provide ongoing support and education to facilities about the Corps (and about 3RNet) and in some cases, they are even the person who approves NHSC sites for their states (i.e. they are the Primary Care Office for their state). Our members can work with facilities to help them through the approval process so they can also post jobs on the Corps’ job board.

3. Supporting primary care is vital to rural and underserved communities

This cannot be stated enough. It’s SO important to support primary care and access to primary care for areas that need it most. Not only does access to health care mean people and communities are healthier, but bringing a physician, dentist, or nurse practitioner (or any other provider) into a community results in enormous economic impact. So not only are communities healthier, they’re ‘wealthier’, too. You can learn more about the economic impact 3RNet members had on communities last year here.

Without the work of both 3RNet and NHSC, some communities would have a much harder time recruiting quality health care professionals. So, we support, educate, and advocate the importance of primary care, access to health care, and the work we (3RNet and NHSC) do.

4. It’s awesome when someone decides to #chooseprimarycare

And, finally, we want to shout at the top of our lungs why it’s so fantastic when someone decides to #chooseprimarycare and work in a rural or underserved area.  So, help us celebrate Corps Community Day on October 9! Share this blog post, share information about 3RNet or NHSC, or share why you agree it’s #awesome to #chooseprimarycare.

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