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Jacob Parsons is the 3RNet Organizational Member for South Dakota, and is the ‘newest’ member to join 3RNet’s national network of members who work to connect health professionals with jobs in rural and underserved areas across the country. 

Jacob is the Recruitment Program Coordinate at the Office of Rural Health within the South Dakota Department of Health. A recent graduate from the University of South Dakota, Jacob was drawn to this position after interning with the Department of Health while working toward his degree in Health Service Administration.

“I come from a family of health professionals. I’ve always been around health care and knew I wanted to do something professionally in that field, and I was drawn to the business aspect of health care,” Jacob said. “I was born and raised in Pierre, South Dakota and had a great experience interning with the Department of Health during college and knew I wanted to work here. This position was a great fit for what I was looking for. 

As the Recruitment Program Coordinator, Jacob will support rural health facilities and health professionals looking for jobs in rural and underserved areas in several ways. Jacob will facilitate South Dakota’s Recruitment Assistance Program and Rural Health Facility Recruitment Assistance Program; financial incentive programs that help various health care professionals receive assistance by working in a rural area for a specific amount of time. Contact Jacob to learn more about either of these recruitment assistance programs in South Dakota including which areas and professions qualify and specific program requirements.

 “Although I’m very new to my job, I’m really looking forward to being able to help recent graduates and other health professionals find jobs in rural South Dakota,” Jacob said

Jacob will also work with facilities individually to help them in their search for qualified health professionals.

“My job allows me to go to each rural facility in South Dakota and see how they run. I’m assuming there will be a big difference between them all, being able to meet CEOs, hospital directors, hear their stories, hear their strengths and weaknesses, help them find what they’re missing,” Jacob said. “I’m excited that I will be able to help make a good ‘match’ between facilities and providers in South Dakota.”

As the 3RNet member for South Dakota, Jacob will be able to use his individual knowledge of facilities in rural and underserved areas across the state to provide unbiased, helpful information to candidates looking for a job that meets their professional goals. To learn more about job opportunities in South Dakota, visit the South Dakota location page on our website or connect with Jacob to learn more about what South Dakota has to offer.

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