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To celebrate National Rural Health Day and the #PowerOfRural this year, we're highlighting employers who have had success in their recruitment efforts over the past year. We know recruiting rural can be challenging -- these folks ARE the #PowerOfRural and we're excited to showcase their efforts!

Learn more about Wheatland Memorial Healthcare in Harlowton, Montana from Peggy Hiner, Wheatland's HR Director:

Tell us about Wheatland Memorial Healthcare.
Wheatland Memorial Healthcare is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital with an attached clinic. We employ 84 people while averaging 60 ER visits a month and about 310 Clinic encounters. Out of the 25 beds usually, 20 are swing patients with five beds left for skilled and acute patients.

What difference does Wheatland Memorial Healthcare make?
Our facility is the only hospital or clinic within a 50-mile radius and 90 miles from a large facility. We are able to save lives by stabilizing patients while waiting for Help flight to arrive. Wheatland Memorial is also the largest employer in our small community.

Why do people enjoy working there?
Fair pay and benefits along with allowing a good work-life balance are probably the biggest reasons people want to work here.

Tell us about your community, Harlowton.
The population of Harlowton is around 1,000 but there are about 3,000 in the service area. This is a big agricultural area with lots of family ranches. Harlowton is very centrally located in the state and is within two hours of four major cities. Recently we have seen our younger community members returning to start small businesses like a coffee shop and brewery.

What makes Harlowton a great place to live and work?
The small-town feel and knowing your neighbors make Harlowton a nice place to live. Small class sizes allow our kids to be involved in any club or sport they enjoy without the worry of being cut from a team. The community is also very generous with scholarships for graduating seniors.

What difference does 3RNet make in your recruitment efforts?
3RNet offers a place to post jobs and get an education without fees. It is also nice that 3RNet understands rural healthcare, unlike most recruitment companies.

What do you think makes your recruitment efforts successful?
Being very organized and holding meet-and-greets with the community have helped in our recruiting efforts. Our community members have a big role in selling the community.

What would you tell a new recruiter to encourage them?
Make sure you know the facility and community.

What advice would you give to someone looking for their first job?
Do your research and find the place that best suits you and your passions.

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare staff, pictured below:

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare Staff

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