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Our members know their states! Learn why Michigan is a great place to be from our member, Rachel!

Name: Rachel Ruddock

City, State: East Lansing, Michigan

Organization: Michigan Center for Rural Health

How long have you lived in Michigan? Why do you choose to live there?
I’m a lifelong Michigan resident. Born and raised and now raising my son here. The majority of our family lives in Michigan and we’re happy here. 

How is 3RNet impacting Michigan?
3RNet has helped Michigan find numerous Physicians, Dentists, advanced practice providers, and Social Workers. Michigan is a large state with many rural areas. All rural healthcare employers need providers and 3RNet helps us meet that need.

Why should a health professional choose Michigan over surrounding states?
Michigan has a diverse population with residents from all over the world. We celebrate diversity and inclusion. We have a robust medical education and GME system with 7 medical schools, 2 dental schools and many residency and fellowship programs. We also have world-class medical and dental institutions available. 

What loan repayment programs does Michigan have?
Michigan has the Michigan State Loan Repayment Program (MSLRP) available to full-time primary care providers practicing in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA). The MSLRP prioritizes providers who practice OB/GYN in Northern Michigan. Depending upon the HPSA score, providers may be eligible for the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program. 

How is the J-1 Visa Waiver program utilized in Michigan?
The J-1 Visa Waiver programs are utilized robustly in Michigan. The Conrad 30 program is always competitive with all 30 waivers always filled every year. MI also utilizes the J-1 visa waiver program through the Department of Health and Human Services for primary care physicians. We welcome J-1 physicians!

Why do people travel to Michigan?
People travel to Michigan to enjoy our Great Lakes through boating and swimming. There’s plenty of land to explore via hiking, biking and running. We offer a fantastic trail system for bikers and snowmobiles; there’s truly something for everyone! Craft breweries and wineries are all over the state and give visitors a taste of Michigan!

What sports teams does Michigan have?
Michigan is fortunate to have many great college and professional sports teams. Whether you’re a baseball, football, basketball or hockey fan, we have it all covered with our Tiger’s, Lions, Pistons, and Red Wings!

What is Michigan best known for?
Michigan is best known for its Great Lakes. We’re fortunate to never be far from water wherever we are located. We truly embrace the “Lake Life” and value our natural resources. 

What are the biggest industries in Michigan?
The largest industries in Michigan are manufacturing and healthcare.

How is the weather/climate in Michigan?
If you’re looking for all four seasons, Michigan is your place! We typically have hot summers, crisp fall, temperate Springs and chilly Winters. The four seasons gives everyone the opportunity to take advantage of everything from ice fishing to boating! Keep in mind - the weather can vary drastically from location to location within the state. 

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