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Our members know their states! Texas abounds with plenty -- especially plenty of opportunity for all types of health care professionals. Learn more about Texas from our TX member, Kathy.

Name: Kathy Johnston

City, State: Austin, Texas

Organization: State Office of Rural Health

How long have you lived in Texas? Why do you choose to live there?
I have lived in Texas for over ten years. I love the State of Texas. People come here from everywhere recognizing the many wonderful natural resources, open spaces, and many urban centers. Texas is a world of its own with everything to offer.

How is 3RNet impacting Texas?
3RNet is a wonderful tool for health care professionals to find their niche in a state that has everything to offer.

What are the best cultural events that happen in Texas?
Some of the most popular events in Texas are the Texas State Fair, Austin music scene especially the South X Southwest Festival, art festivals, Wurstfest, San Antonio’s Folklife Festival and many more! 

Why should a health professional choose Texas over surrounding states?
Texas has everything to offer whether it be rural, urban, every facet of nature, the seasons, diverse cultural influences, etc.

What loan repayment programs does Texas have?
Texas has a few different options for loan repayment including NHSC, Physician Education Loan Repayment Program, Loan Repayment Program for Mental Health Professionals, Nursing Faculty Loan Repayments Assistance Program and many more. You can find more programs and links on the Texas DSHS website. 

How is the J-1 Visa Waiver program utilized in Texas?
The state of Texas utilizes the Conrad 30 J-1 Visa Waiver Program. The program in Texas does feature some restrictions so if you are interested in the program, you can read more about eligibility on the Texas DSHS website. Texas will begin accepting applications for FFY 2021 starting September, 2020. 

Are healthcare professionals valued in Texas?
Yes. We need healthcare professionals in every field. Many rural communities are underserved. There are opportunities to fit every health profession with incentives to work in underserved and rural communities.  

Why do people travel to Texas?
It is a land of opportunity, cultural interests, and natural beauty. Whether you go North, South, East or West there is something special about this State. The people of Texas are welcoming and helpful.

What sports teams does Texas have?
Texas has professional football teams (Dallas Cowboys), basketball (Dallas Mavericks), hockey (Dallas Stars), soccer (Houston Dynamos) and baseball (Texas Rangers) to name a few.  There are also numerous minor league teams.

What is your favorite local food?
It is undeniable that Texas has the best chili. That’s why they made it their state food! The state is also known for their great barbeque, chicken fried steak, Kolaches, and Tex-Mex-of course! 

What is Texas best known for?
There are many things that are unique to Texas. Being the Lone Star State, The Alamo, the live music scene, hot weather and being the second largest state are just a few. 

What is the biggest misconception about Texas?
Every place is bound to have a few misconceptions. Ours tend to revolve around the weather or that we are all cowboys and cowgirls. While some areas of Texas are dry and dusty, being such a large state, the landscape is diverse and changes with each region. 

What are the biggest industries in Texas?
Texas thrives in a few industries. Some of the biggest are petroleum and natural gas, farming, steel, banking, and tourism. 

How is the weather/climate in Texas?
There is every climate you can ask for: West Texas is semi-desert, East Texas has many lakes, streams and rivers, North Texas has every season, and South Texas is lush and beautiful.

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