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Our members know their states! See what our Louisiana member Yasmeen has to say about her state in this week's blog. 

Name: Yasmeen Mohammed, Workforce Development Coordinator

Organization: Louisiana Primary Care Office

City, State: Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Organization: Louisiana Department of Health – Office of Public Health (Primary Care Office)

How long have you lived in Louisiana? Why do you choose to live there?
I've lived in Louisiana all of my life. I haven't left because of low cost of living, a deep-rooted history and expanding economy. 

How is 3RNet impacting Louisiana?
We connect qualified health professionals to facilities in rural and underserved areas that normally have issues with recruitment.  It also provides our state with the access and communication tools to get full job detailed information, resources to find the right positions for individuals in all health care positions, and different state funded programs that allows professionals to do the best at their job while serving the community. 

What are the best cultural events that happen in Louisiana?
Mardi Gras, French Quarter Festival, Strawberry Festival, Essence Music Festival, Greater Baton Rouge State Fair, Festival International de Louisiana, etc.  

Why should a health professional choose Louisiana over surrounding states? 
While Louisiana may not be ranked the highest for job opportunities, it is improving. The health care is an industry experiencing the most growth. With Louisiana ranked fairly low in overall health care throughout the nation, we strive to recruit those who can assist in turning the tide around. The people are great, the landscape is rich and diverse and the food is even better. 

What loan repayment programs does Louisiana have? Anything that makes those programs unique? 
Louisiana works with HRSA to provide the State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP).  This is a $1/$1 match of state general funds/federal funds and offers three-year contracts to eligible providers who agree to work at eligible underserved facilities.  In exchange for this commitment, they receive funds to pay directly to their student loans.  Our program also offers a two-year renewal for those who are still in need.  We have recently added a substance abuse component, which allows providers working with opioid treatment facility to be eligible.  

We also support several HRSA scholarship and loan repayment programs:

  • National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program
  • National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program
  • Faculty Loan Repayment Program Information
  • NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program
  • NURSE Corps Scholarship Program

How is the J-1 Visa Waiver program utilized in Louisiana?
The program helps close the shortage gap of qualified doctors in medically underserved areas. Our state now offers an easier application process. We have also streamlined our internal processes and applications can be reviewed in a quick and efficient manner. Louisiana does not charge an application fee!

Are healthcare professionals valued in Louisiana?
Our state and the patients they serve value our healthcare professionals. By our state being so family oriented and often the first point of contact for patients entering the medical system, developing a good working relationship with one can be very helpful to you, the patient. In Louisiana, there is often public appreciation for health professionals, while encouraging growth. 

Why do people travel to Louisiana?
It’s a place like no other – a state with vibrant, well-persevered cultures and loads of fun. From fishing to live music and everything in between, Louisiana has it. 

What sports teams does Louisiana have?
College teams:

  • Grambling State University Tigers
  • Louisiana State University Tigers
  • Louisiana Tech University Bulldogs
  • McNeese State University Cowboys
  • Nicholls State University Colonels
  • Northwestern State University Demons
  • Southeastern Louisiana University Lions
  • Southern University Jaguars
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin’Cajuns
  • University of Louisiana at Monroe Warhawks
  • University of New Orleans Privateers
  • Xavier University of New Orleans Gold Rush
  • Dillard University Bleu Devils
  • Tulane University Green Wave
  • Loyola University of New Orleans Wolf Pack

National Professional Football League:

  • New Orleans Saints 

National Basketball Association:

  • New Orleans Pelicans

Minor League Baseball:

  • New Orleans Baby Cakes 

What is your favorite local food? 
Gumbo – the best cold weather food ever! 

What is Louisiana best known for?
Food and Jazz.  

What is the biggest misconception about Louisiana? 
New Orleans is the only place worth visiting or that Louisiana is a giant swamp where alligators roam free. 

What are the biggest industries in Louisiana?
Crude oil refineries, Natural Gas, Commercial fishing, Petrochemicals, Agriculture.

How is the weather/climate in Louisiana?
Louisiana has a semi-tropical climate, creating mild winters and hot, humid summers. Rainfall is a common occurrence throughout the entire year. Louisiana sits right in a major hurricane pathway, with most storms rolling through in August and September.

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