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Rural Colorado offers a diverse landscape and appealing practice opportunities for health care providers and professionals excited to live outside the hustle and bustle of the big city. A career in rural health is very rewarding; rural medicine presents a wide scope of practice, is exciting and allows providers to play a pivotal role in the well-being of the whole community. Each community has its own unique personality and culture. Wherever you choose to practice, you will see the professional impact you make every day!  

Name: Sara Leahy

City, State: Aurora, Colorado

Organization: Colorado Rural Health Center

How long have you lived in Colorado? Why do you choose to live there?
12 years. I love Colorado because the people that choose to live her love life – they are friendly, open-minded and fun! Some of the best folks I have ever known and worked with live, work and play in the rural areas of the state. Rural Coloradans are hardworking, honest and dedicated and treat their colleagues like their own family. They are up against a lot and their innovative, positive and driven spirit is why I do what I do!

How is 3RNet impacting Colorado?
3RNet has provided an invaluable service to rural and underserved Coloradans. We would not be able to have a robust rural workforce without the support they provide for Colorado and across the country. 3RNet has worked with CRHC over many, many years to help recruit providers who are genuinely interested in rural practice. 

What are the best cultural events that happen in Colorado?
SO many. The Front Range offers a vast array of events and places to visit. Rural areas of Colorado also have countless fun and interesting events and places to see and visit. Colorado is home to four national parks, two national grasslands, eight national monuments, 15 mountain ranges and a huge number of national forest areas and state parks. These amazing places are located from the eastern plains to the western slope to the southern valleys of Colorado. All four corners of the state are filled in amazing places to explore and learn from! 

Why should a health professional choose Colorado over surrounding states?

Colorado and specifically rural Colorado is where you can find a place to live that allows you to play hard and work hard at the same time! Healthcare professionals are highly valued and the state does everything it can to ensure that they are supported to allow for best quality care to their patients. Colorado has the largest state loan repayment program in the country, a rural preceptor tax credit and many other benefits and resources to those serving a rural and underserved population. Providers are able to work in many different settings in rural areas of Colorado including critical access hospitals, provider based clinics, private practice, community clinics, community health centers and more!

What loan repayment programs does Colorado have? 
Colorado has the Colorado Health Service Corps as well as the National Health Service Corps.

What sports teams does Colorado have?
Colorado is home to many sports teams including our Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, and Colorado Avalanche!

What are the biggest industries in Colorado? 

Healthcare is one of the top three industries in rural Colorado. Hospitals typically being the top employer in town. In Colorado, the average critical access hospital creates 170 jobs and generates $7.1M in salaries, wages, and benefits annually. There is a workforce shortage in Colorado and those that choose to live and practice in rural areas are highly needed and extremely important to the sustainability of their community. They are respected and valued and serve a need that is extremely needed. They make an actual difference in the livelihood of those they care for in rural areas.

How is the weather/climate in Colorado?

The weather in Colorado varies across the state! What all regions do have in common is four wonderful seasons, an arid overall climate and most importantly, over 300 days of beautiful sunshine!

Check out Colorado Rural Health’s new video on Safety Net Clinic Week 2019: https://youtu.be/RXD33ZDEBww

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