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We’re celebrating National Rural Health Day and the #PowerOfRural by celebrating rural facilities who have been successful in their recruitment efforts. Recruiting health care providers can be a challenge—especially in rural areas. We’re recognizing rural facilities for their recruitment excellence! 

Today we're highlighting Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation in the Northern Mariana Islands. Commonwealth Healthcare recruited an Oncologist through 3RNet! Congrats!

Read about Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation's community, facility, and more:

Tell us a bit about Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation and Saipan.

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC) is an 86-bed, Medicare-certified, critical access hospital on the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands.  

We are a U.S. commonwealth located in the Western Pacific, a little north of Guam. We are a remote island and the only hospital and ICU available. Our acuity runs from minor to severe, and most of our patients have multiple medical issues compounded by financial and social restraints. Medical specialties available at our facility are limited, but include Internal Medicine, General and Orthopedic Surgery, Nephrology, OB/GYN, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Emergency, ENT, and Oncology.

Why do people enjoy working at Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation?

Our colleagues are friendly and helpful, the administration is supportive, and our patients are lovely and grateful. One of our doctors explains, "I have never been pressured to see more patients, bill more services, or compromise good health care in any way.  From the top down everyone’s priority is patient care."

What makes Saipan a great place to live and work?

Living on Saipan is simple, but maintains some of the creature comforts that you wouldn’t otherwise get on an island this size. We have a quite reasonable cost of living, great restaurants, golf, water sports, diving, and easy access to travel throughout the world with direct flights to Guam, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong. 

Also, it is a great place for family. There are good early education schools, as well as both public and private high schools that send students to top colleges and universities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. 

We have many World War II history sites and museums, along with artifacts from the war that you can find while exploring the jungle or swimming in the lagoon.

On top of all that, the people of Saipan are the best!  

Tell us about your connection to 3RNet. 

We use 3RNet as one of our primary sources for finding and recruiting candidates and posting positions.

Tell us why you think you’re successful with your recruitment and retention efforts.

I think we're successful because we have a lot to offer, although we are also up front and honest about the challenges of living and working in such a remote location.

Share a piece of advice! What would you tell someone who is recruiting or someone who is being recruited?

Put your best foot forward, and be up front!  I always appreciate people--coming from both sides--who are open and candid about their wants, needs, and issues, so if you have questions or concerns, ASK!

Commonwealth Healthcare Corporations' recruiting team

Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation's new hospital in the Northern Mariana Islands




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