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To celebrate the good work of our 3RNet members, 3RNet staff chose 3RNet member Stacee Reed (Oregon) to highlight for National Rural Health Day. We’ll be sending Stacee some 3RNet swag and we want to share with you some of why we wanted to highlight Stacee! 

Stacee is our Oregon 3RNet member and is an excellent advocate for her state and the communities she works with. 

We asked Stacee what working in rural recruitment and retention means to her, and here's what she had to say:

My philosophy to recruiting and retaining providers to a rural area are relationship, understanding and communication.
Relationships with the people, businesses and culture of your community, in addition with your internal healthcare team and external healthcare team in your area. 
Understanding the needs of the people in your community for healthy development, engagement, motivation and well-being.
Communication to cultivate partnerships, present opportunity, solutions to obstacles, innovative ideas that bring the community together and engage in ways to improve the lives of those who live there. 

Featured 3RNet Member, Stacee Reed, at a 3RNet recruitment event this past June.

What does access to care mean to Stacee?
An 80 year old husband, father and grandfather in failing health is referred to hospice care and passes away three days later. His physician stops by the home to offer support to his family. 
A newborn baby falls critically ill and needs to be transferred to a NICU, air ambulance transport is arranged with an estimated arrival time of 25 minutes. The baby’s mother is taken in for emergency surgery. With the urgent need for an additional physician, a caregiver goes across the street to the church where one of the local docs is attending, and the doctor ends up assisting, leading to positive outcomes for mother and baby. 
A motor vehicle/motorcycle accident has first responders believing the rider is DOA, a faint pulse is noticed and patient is taken to emergency where the physician and team work to stabilize and transfer patient, ultimately this care not only saved his life, but his quality of life as well. 
These three instances, my father, my son, my husband are part of the reasons I am enthusiastic about access to quality healthcare, providers who want more than just a job and the rural communities they serve.

More about Stacee:

Stacee Reed is the Program Manager for Recruitment Services with the Oregon Office of Rural Health. Stacee has been working in the healthcare industry since 2006 starting at Mountain View Hospital/St. Charles-Madras, where she provided support for administration, medical staff and the Board of Directors. She received her Certification in Physician Practice Management in 2014. Shortly after, she assumed the role of Practice Operations Manager for the newly formed St. Charles Emergency Medicine practice, providing operational support to physicians and physician assistants who provide services at St. Charles-Madras, St. Charles-Prineville and St. Charles-Redmond. 

Experiencing first-hand the complexities of recruiting and retaining specialists and family care providers to rural areas, she has assisted with and led many endeavors to bring physicians to Central Oregon, including building the Emergency Medicine practice from a group of 10 to a group of over 40 providers. 

Stacee brought this professional experience and broad knowledge of hospital/clinic/patient/community cultures to the Oregon Office of Rural Health as the Program Manager for Recruitment Services. In this role, she continues to place high value on productive and meaningful relationships, meeting the needs of the hiring organization and the provider candidate. 

Stacee is dedicated to the mission to support providers in the healthcare field and connect exceptional providers with meaningful and rewarding employment opportunities in rural Oregon.

Stacee is an excellent example of the #PowerOfRural and we are so glad she is part of our national network of members!

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