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Our members know their states! Learn more about the small but mighty state of Delaware from our member, Joan!

Name: Joan Barnwell

City, State: Dover, Delaware

Organization: Division of Public Health 

How long have you lived in Delaware? Why do you choose to live there?

48 years. I choose to live here because it is a small state that has good educational systems, and cost of living and the tax base are low. It is conveniently located to major east coast cites.

How is 3RNet impacting Delaware?

There have been four physicians hired thus far for 2019.  Employers are receiving many referrals.

What are the best cultural events that happen in Delaware?

Old Dover Days, African American Festival, Delaware State Fair, Rehoboth Beach Jazz, Rehoboth Beach Sandcastle Contest, Days in Old New Castle, Horseshoe Crab & Shorebird Festival, St. Anthony’s Italian Festival, Firefly Music Festival, Old Fashioned Ice Cream Festival, Eastern Shore Afram Festival, Amish Country Bike Tour and Delaware Saengerbund Oktoberfest 

Why should a health professional choose Delaware over surrounding states?

It is small, close to the beaches, good educational districts, good hospitals. We are close to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC and New York.

What loan repayment programs does Delaware have? Anything that makes those programs unique?

State loan programs for health professionals. Awards granted on a graduated scale from $35,000 a year to $50,000 for two years.

How is the J-1 Visa Waiver program utilized in Delaware?

We place physicians – primary care, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology and other medical field of studies as needed in the communities in underserved areas of the state. Delaware has a J-1 board that approves site applications from medical facilities that wish to sponsor a J-1 physician. Once approved the site does their own hiring of a candidate.

Are healthcare professionals valued in Delaware?

All healthcare professionals are valued especially mental health workers. 

Why do people travel to Delaware?

For the beaches, especially Rehoboth Beach, and tax-free shopping.

What sports teams does Delaware have?

Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball team, Diamond State Roller Derby Girls, Blue Coat Basketball and Black Fox Rugby.

What is your favorite local food?

Crab Cakes! 

What is Delaware best known for?

Delaware was the first state that ratified the constitution of the United States on December 7, 1787. Tax free shopping.

What is the biggest misconception about Delaware?

It is very small. While that may be true based on size alone, Delaware is full of things to do including hiking, fishing, beaches, golf courses, etc. It is a great place to call home. 

What are the biggest industries in Delaware?

Chemical corporations, agriculture and state government.

How is the weather/climate in Delaware?

Average monthly temperatures range from 75.8 to 32.0 degrees. Average temperature in the summer months is 74.3 degrees. About 57% of the days are sunny.

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