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Our members know their states! Learn why Wisconsin, located in the heart of America, will steal your heart, in our latest blog post:

Name: Chali Pittman, Communications Coordinator

City, State: Madison, Wisconsin

Organization: Wisconsin Office of Rural Health, Provider Placement for Wisconsin 

Why should a health professional choose Wisconsin over surrounding states?

We love our neighboring states, but Wisconsin offers it all for where you want to live: rural, small community, and urban areas. Health professionals in rural areas and small cities become part of the social fabric in their community. Health professionals who want to practice in cities have opportunities in Milwaukee and Madison. Those looking for a hybrid have plenty of smaller cities to choose from, and are also great places to raise a family. Plus… we’re really nice.   

What loan repayment programs does Wisconsin have? Anything that makes those programs unique?

Our office has two loan repayment programs for health care professionals. The Health Professions Loan Assistance Program provides up to $50,000 in loan assistance for physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, dental hygienists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives who agree to work in an eligible underserved rural or urban community for three years. The Rural Physician Loan Assistance Program provides primary care physicians and psychiatrists practicing in a rural community an additional award of up to $50,000 in loan assistance.

You can find more information about these programs, as well as information about national loan assistance programs for health care providers, at http://worh.org/loan-repayment.  

Are healthcare professionals valued in Wisconsin?

In La Farge, Wisconsin (south central Wisconsin) there is a small clinic that includes a large Amish community in its service area. In addition to providing typical healthcare services, the clinic is one of a small number of facilities in the U.S that research and treat disorders afflicting communities that remain rather closed. A new larger facility was recently built and the Amish contributed the wood and labor for installing all the flooring, doors and cabinetry. The craftsmanship is stunningly beautiful. That is a huge testament to the value placed on that small clinic and its providers.

Why do people travel to Wisconsin?

Wisconsin offers all sorts of reasons to be a travel destination. In the summer, we see plenty of voyagers travel to the Wisconsin Northwoods to enjoy fishing, boating, and cabin life. The Driftless region in Wisconsin offers scenic drives with river views and steep limestone bluffs, in addition to orchards, vineyards, rural diners and boutique shops. Door County—the “thumb” of Wisconsin—offers a long shoreline with many parks and beautiful camping sites. For those who prefer urban areas, Milwaukee offers a plethora of music, food, art, and cultural enrichment. Walk down State Street or shop the Farmer’s Market around the Capitol Square in Madison, the state’s capital that is also home to the flagship university of the state. 

What sports teams does Wisconsin have? 

Wisconsin loves the Green Bay Packers. It’s the only team in the NFL in which fans can also buy stock, and maybe that’s why we love Lambeau field and tailgate parties so much. Everyone should go to a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game at least once—enjoy the sunshine when they open the roof of Miller Park and see the famous Racing Sausages. At Madison’s Camp Randall Field you can root on the Badgers, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s football team, where students and Wisconsinites from across the state go to and “jump around.” 

What is your favorite local food?

When you think Wisconsin, you might think cheese—and you’d be right. Our cheese curds are delicious the squeakier they are, and you can’t beat the freshness of the rest of our dairy products. Friday night fish fry is a staple in pubs and restaurants across the state, which pairs well with a nice craft beer. And perhaps you’d like to try our breakfast Kringle, which is so good it was recently voted the “Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin.” (https://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/money/2018/10/09/streetwise-uncle-mikes-kringle-named-coolest-thing-made-wisconsin/1581385002/) 

How is the weather/climate in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has four seasons. There’s no avoiding bundling up for Wisconsin winters, but you’ll be blown away by the beauty of glistening snow drifts come January. Autumn offers beautiful scenic drives across the state and corn mazes, apple-picking, and pumpkin patches abound. And of course, Wisconsin’s scenic parks, lakes, and forests offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

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