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This post comes to us from our 3RNet 2019 Annual Conference Platinum Level Partner, PracticeLink.

We know as a physician recruiter, you want to reach a large number of quality candidates and find those who best fit your opportunities. It can be easy to think about what you look for in a candidate, but have you taken the time to think about what candidates want from you? 

PracticeLink surveyed their database of both active and passive candidates and found physicians and advance practice providers want the following 10 things from physician recruiters:

1.    Visibility in the Recruiting Process

In a world of increasingly loud voices, job seekers expect not only to be heard, but also to receive a personalized experience. They want to know where they stand in the process and receive the same level of attention and follow-up from you that you expect from them.

2.    Be Human – Get to Know Them

Candidates want you to treat them as human beings and not just numbers. Try to understand them and get to know their needs. If you have an idea of who they are and where they feel they fit best, you might discover a mutually beneficial relationship.

3.    Listen to Them

Great recruiters should listen twice as much as they speak. If you do not actively and intentionally listen to candidates, you won’t be able to communicate effectively and know what to say or how to say it. When you genuinely listen, you gain a deeper understanding of candidates’ needs, which allows you to know what they are looking for in a career and an organization.

4.    They Want to Know About You, Too

Many candidates want to better understand you and the organization for which they are being recruited. Why did you choose the organization? What do you like about the community? You can’t sell the candidate on something you haven’t bought into yourself, so be relatable and personable.

5.    Honesty

Candidates have specific criteria when taking the first or next step in their career. You can discuss opportunities that might not completely match all their desires, but don’t stretch the truth and pressure them into an opportunity you know won’t match their needs.

6.    Job Postings that Sizzle

When people read your job posting, you want them to be able to see themselves in that position. Keep it open and honest and paint a clear picture with good information. Include detailed, factual, specific information, and use all the features available to you in a job posting. This will give them a better glimpse into the position, your organization and community.  

7.    Be a Resource

Share information beyond your job opportunity and provide information the candidates might find valuable: articles, blogs or other information that educates them and shows them you are interested in more than just filling the position.

8.    Their Time Matters

Residents, fellows and physicians don’t have a lot of time, so be an effective communicator and help make the process efficient for both you and them. Make your job postings easy for them to apply and decrease response time when answering questions. Outline the interview process and timeline to set their expectations and schedule accordingly.

9.    Don’t Leave Them Guessing

As physician recruiters, you want to fill your open positions and reach as many qualified candidates as possible to do so. It’s probably easy to forget these are real people who are looking to take the next step in their career; they value follow-up, they want to know where they stand in the process and they want to know their time is as valued as yours. Be sure to remain in communication if you need anything further from them, have any questions or if you decided to go in a different direction.

10. Your Job Doesn’t End When They’re Hired

Depending on your role in your organization, you may or may not have a direct role in retention. Either way, if you hire the right candidate and they are a good fit, you want to retain them for your organization. Retention starts with recruitment, and you need to provide a competitive incentive package along with effective onboarding for them to consider and remain in your organization. You want to continue to sell them on the opportunity and prove to them why your position was the right choice for them.

It can be easy to constantly dwell on the criteria you want a candidate to meet without considering the attributes the candidate is looking for in a recruiter, position and organization. Keep the candidate and their needs in mind throughout the recruitment process, and it will help your job appeal to them even more.

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