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Our members know their states! Learn more about the beauty South Carolina beholds from our member, Jessica!

Name: Jessica Seel

City, State: Lexington, South Carolina

Organization: South Carolina Office of Rural Health

How long have you lived in South Carolina? Why do you choose to live there?

I am a lifelong resident of South Carolina. I chose to stay in my home state because of the true southern hospitality, access to the mountain and coastline, and because it just feels like home!

How is 3RNet impacting South Carolina?

3RNet is a great way to introduce our state to the rest of the country in a positive light. It has been a very useful pipeline for future workforce to review a wide variety of positions in all regions of the state in a private, user friendly way. 

What are the best cultural events that happen in South Carolina?

South Carolina has deep historical roots that are carried on from generation to generation. We take pride in introducing people to our wonderful culture. The Columbia International Festival provides an opportunity to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of the variety of cultures represented in the state. The Sun Fun Festival in Myrtle Beach is an iconic event started in 1951 to kick of summer along the Grand Strand of South Carolina! Beach music and the aroma of fresh seafood will fill the air. The world-famous Spoleto Festival takes place in beautiful and historic Charleston South Carolina. For 17 days in April, Charleston becomes center stage for the world to enjoy the performing arts. These are just a few of the festivals we enjoy in South Carolina. If you love food, music, dancing, and just about any activity or hobby we can find a festival for you!

Why should a health professional choose South Carolina over surrounding states?

South Carolina is a relatively small state so you could possibly be close to everything you need and within close proximity to anything you want. You can enjoy mountains, the beach, and one of our beautiful lakes all in one weekend. The cost of living is very affordable and the weather is beautiful! South Carolinians are welcoming to all and the term Southern Hospitality is a way of life here. 

What loan repayment programs does South Carolina have? Anything that makes those programs unique? In South Carolina we have the NHSC loan repayment program, Primary Care, Nurse Corps, Substance Use Disorder/ Behavioral Health, and another loan repayment programs administered by the South Carolina Health Education Consortium (SCAHEC). 

How is the J-1 Visa Waiver program utilized in South Carolina?

Our State’s Primary Care Office administers our Conrad 30 Program

Why do people travel to South Carolina?

People travel to South Carolina for vacation, business, and to enjoy the beautiful Winters where a snowy day may come every few years or so! South Carolina is a foodie’s dream. Great restaurants are found all over our larger cities and tucked down backroads in our smaller towns! 

What sports teams does South Carolina have?

While we share the Carolina Panthers with our neighbors to the north, Gamecocks and Tigers, a rivalry dating back to 1896, is front and center in our state. The University of South Carolina and Clemson University is the hottest topic during football season in South Carolina. We also boast several college sports teams and a variety of national titles in Football, Baseball, Basketball, Equestrian, Fishing, and Track and Field.

What is your favorite local food?

That is easy, mustard based Barbecue, or pulled pork as the out-of-towners call it! It is hard to go to any community in any area of state without finding a local barbecue restaurant and no two are the same. You can pile your plate with barbecue, hash and rice, fried chicken, green beans, macaroni and cheese and cornbread. You will definitely not want to forget a tall glass of sweet tea and finish off with an overflowing bowl of banana pudding. If you just want a quick snack you have to grab a bag of boiled peanuts. During a SC summer you will find a peanut vendor on most corners cooking them up right there.

What is South Carolina best known for?

Our state is known for the beautiful beaches, lakes, hiking trails, Hootie and the Blowfish and our state dance, the Shag! 

What is the biggest misconception about South Carolina?

The biggest misconception lies in our past history. Our state is a tolerant state and welcomes all! We are a melting pot of all cultures. 

How is the weather/climate in South Carolina?

Summers are hot and last well into fall. Winters are mild and spring can be mostly cool or mostly warm; you just don’t know what you will get from year to year! Snow is a huge event in South Carolina as it is a rare sight.


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