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We had a great time exhibiting at the American College of Physicians’ Internal Medicine 2014 conference in Orlando, Florida April 10-12!

A few takeaways we had from ACP 2014:

Internal Medicine jobs across the country

3RNet staff and several members were able to educate conference attendees on the many Internal Medicine jobs we have posted on 3RNet.org. Hospitalists, Internists, and even medical students visited with us about how they can connect with 3RNet members across the country to learn more about Internal Medicine and other physician jobs in rural and underserved areas.

If you’re driven toward working in a rural or underserved area, we’ve got you covered. Our members work with facilities in their respective states nationwide to get jobs posted on the 3RNet website.

J1 Visa information

We had many, many good questions about the J1 Visa process. Although we will never claim to know it all, our J1 Visa contacts are a good place to start if you plan to work in the United States through a J1 Visa.

Some good pointers (in general) we shared with international medical graduates who stopped by our booth included:

·      Start the process early. Requirements for the J1 visa vary by state. Because the rules are different everywhere, you will want to narrow down where you want to practice and use the appropriate J1 visa contact in that state to help you navigate that particular process.

·      We are not legal counsel. Nor are we in the business of providing legal advice. We do know that regardless of where you practice, your contract is a legal document. Like any important document (especially one that determines so much about the next few years of your life!) make sure you understand what you are signing up for.

Please contact us if you have any questions about J1 Visas. As we mentioned above, we don’t know it all, however, we can point you in the right direction.

If you were able to stop by our booth, thank you! We always enjoy visiting with Internists and we look forward to seeing everyone in Boston in 2015! 

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