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Our members know their states! Stacee Reed, our Oregon 3RNet member, shares what she loves about her beautiful Pacific-Northwest state.

Name: Stacee Reed

City, State: Madras, Oregon

Organization: Oregon Office of Rural Health

How long have you lived in Oregon? Why do you choose to live there?

Rural Oregon has been my home for 24 years. Madras is a small rural town of 6,000, made up of diverse people and a blend of industry, agriculture and recreation. It offers a slower pace, close to larger city amenities. Our scenery includes views of the Cascade Mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons and high desert plateaus.  Our farming, education and medical communities are thriving. Madras is a friendly community and a good place to raise a family. 

How is 3RNet impacting Oregon?

3RNet offers quality educational resources through the Academy to rural/frontier facilities who otherwise would not have the opportunity. 3RNet is a valuable referral source for our rural facilities. 

3RNet has been an excellent partner for referral sources, providing excellent candidates that resulted in the hiring of two physicians and one physician assistant in 2018. ~ Amanda Judd, Provider Recruiter, Columbia Memorial Hospital

We haven’t made a hire through 3RNet yet, but have received some great leads, that generated a few strong candidates. ~ Barbara Stoefen, Provider & Medical Recruitment, Adaugeo

3RNet has been a joy to work with.  Receiving referrals of Physicians who are looking for employment gives us a good sense of the market and we like having our share of the pie in attracting qualified candidates. 3RNet provides updates regularly and that is always helpful to consider for our recruiting needs. ~ Zane Wilson, Sr. Provider Recruiter, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

What are the best cultural events that happen in Oregon?

The World Beat Festival celebrates more than 70 cultures and nations; Oregon’s Alpenfest a celebration of Alpine culture held in the rural communities of Joseph and Enterprise.  Mount Angel Octoberfest and the Pendleton Round-up are just a few.  Each community has a special way of celebrating their diversity year round! We invite you to check out other great activities at Travel Oregon and plan your visit to Oregon!

Why should a health professional choose Oregon over surrounding states?

Health professionals choose Oregon so they can work in a place they love to live in! Oregon has four seasons – a mild climate in Western Oregon and a drier climate in Eastern Oregon. We have mind-blowing natural beauty! The Oregon coastline is postcard ready!  Crater Lake, the only national park in the state!  Oregon redwoods, Cascade Mountains and rich agricultural land! Beer and Wine lovers – Welcome to Oregon. Any outdoor adventure you can imagine – surfing, bike riding, hiking, fishing, hunting, snow skiing and more!

Oregon is a leader in health care transformation and a place that is willing to have conversations about healthcare. Through team-based healthcare with a focus on quality and access, Oregon is a perfect place to practice medicine! Rural Oregon is leading the way. 

What loan repayment programs does Oregon have? Anything that makes those programs unique?

Oregon Health Care Provider Loan Repayment

Oregon Health Care Provider Incentive Loan Repayment was established by the Oregon Legislature to help support underserved communities in their recruitment and retention of high quality providers who serve patients regardless of their source of coverage (Medicaid, Medicare, private etc.) or ability to pay. In exchange for service at a qualifying practice site, participants receive funds to repay qualifying educational loan debt. 

In exchange for service at a qualified practice site, participants receive funds to repay qualifying graduate-level, (or for expanded practice dental hygienists, undergraduate-level) loan debt. Awards are calculated based on the balance owed on qualifying loans upon application to Health Care Provider Incentive Loan Repayment . 

Full time service providers must commit to a 3 year minimum service obligation in exchange for a tax free award of 50% of their qualifying educational loan debt balance, up to $35,000 per obligation year. Part time service providers must commit to a 3 year minimum service obligation in exchange for a tax free award of 25% of their qualifying educational loan debt balance, up to $25,000 per obligation year.

Oregon Partnership State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

SLRP is an incentive program for primary care providers working at approved practice sites in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs). SLRP is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and matched by an awardee's practice site. 

In exchange for loan repayment funds SLRP requires a minimum initial 2 year service obligation for full time providers, and a minimum 4 year service obligation for part time providers. Providers may qualify for up to two 1 year continuations beyond their initial service obligation, contingent on the on provider's remaining eligible loan debt amount, and availability of program funds at time of the continuation application submission. Full time providers may receive up to 50% in loan repayment on qualifying educational debt, up to a maximum of $35,000 per obligation year, for an initial two year obligation. Part time providers may receive up to 50% in loan repayment on qualifying educational debt, up to a maximum of $17,500 per obligation year, for an initial four year obligation.

How is the J-1 Visa Waiver program utilized in Oregon?

The J-1 Visa Waiver program administered through the Oregon Health Authority, Primary Care Office who coordinates the placement of foreign physicians in underserved areas throughout our state. For program year 2018 we have 20 primary care providers and 10 specialist, serving in 14 rural and 16 urban underserved facilities.

Are healthcare professionals valued in Oregon?

Oregon is proud of our leadership role in healthcare transformation and it would not be in that position without our healthcare professionals.  Healthcare professionals are leaders in our rural communities, leaders in making our healthcare system one of quality and access.

Oregon values our healthcare professionals by providing loan repayment programs and Rural Practitioner Tax Credit, Rural Volunteer Emergency Medical Service Provider Tax Credit, and Rural Medical Practitioners Insurance Subsidy Programs.

Healthcare professionals are instrumental in providing access to care our rural coastal communities. Without the successful addition of physicians and advance practice professionals our organization wouldn’t be fastest growing rural hospital in the state of Oregon. Annually our organization recognizes healthcare professionals through our Sprit of Caring and True North awards, we recognize and celebrate caregivers who embrace the challenges and rewards of a career in healthcare by presenting the Spirit of Caring Awards. ~ Amanda Judd, Provider Recruiter, Columbia Memorial Hospital

After patients, health care professionals are the very essence of our organization. And we are primary care centric. Providing affordable, high quality health care is what we’re all about. ~Barbara Stoefen, Provider & Medical Recruitment, Adaugeo 

Healthcare is our world and each provider who commits to Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center knows that serving the underserved populations comes with challenges beyond their expertise at time. Our organization values our healthcare professionals by providing a generous compensation and benefits package. We really believe in work-life balance and so our employees can count on having a significant amount of time to enjoy their passionate work and still have a quality of life with family, friends and their pets. ~ Zane Wilson, Sr. Provider Recruiter, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center 

Why do people travel to Oregon?

Oregon has so much to see and do!  You could wake up on the Oregon coast and by afternoon be on the top of Mt. Hood enjoying the majestic mountain views!  By evening, you could be enjoying a bike ride and a brew in Central Oregon! Oregon has a vibrant nightlife, entertainment, recreational activities and beautiful scenery.  

What sports teams does Oregon have?

Portland Timbers, Portland Trail Blazers, Portland Winter Hawks (WHL) and two of our college teams, Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers. 

What is your favorite local food?

Oregon has a vast variety of restaurants, sidewalk cafes, food trucks, bars, pubs, eateries, farm and ocean to table and coffee shops, all provide a robust assortment of entrees to satisfy anyone! 

What is Oregon best known for?

Pioneering spirit, diverse landscape and recreational activities.

What is the biggest misconception about Oregon?

When you think of Oregon people think of Portland. Oregon is so much more than that with a broad swath of people.

What are the biggest industries in Oregon?

  • Advanced Manufacturing include metals, machinery, aerospace and medical products.
  • Business Services, professional and technical services, such as consulting, advertising, public relations, architectural and entertainment industry. 
  • High Technology, home to the Silicon Forest.
  • Food & Beverage such as craft beer, wine, cheese and organic foods.
  • Forestry and Wood Products, one of the largest wood products producer in the US.
  • Outdoor Gear & Apparel, Nike, Columbia Sportswear and Adidas

How is the weather/climate in Oregon?

Oregon has a mild oceanic climate in Western Oregon and a drier semi-arid climate in Eastern Oregon, featuring four different seasons to suit everyone.

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