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Our members know their states! This week brings us insights from our North Carolina 3RNet member, Clint, who was born and raised in North Carolina. Learn more about this beautiful state from Clint's perspective -- which we think will bring you some laughs along the way:

Name: Clint Cresawn (with a little help from my friends) 

City, State: Raleigh (metro) and Spruce Pine (rural), NC

Organization: North Carolina Office of Rural Health

How long have you lived in the state? Why do you choose to live there?

I was born and raised in North Carolina, and did undergrad here. Then, as my mama said, I went as far away as I could without getting my feet wet – living, working, and getting more schooling out west, first in Seattle and then in Denver. Mama needed me to come home a few years ago, and I’m happy to be back! 

How is 3RNet impacting your state? 

3RNet is an integral part of North Carolina’s plan for recruiting and retaining qualify healthcare providers! Thanks, 3RNet, for all you do!

What are the best cultural events that happen in your state?

North Carolina has a vibrant and diverse history and cultural mix, with celebrations across the state, from the Azalea Festival in Wilmington to the Biltmore Festival of Flowers in Asheville; from the American Indian Heritage Celebration to the African American Cultural Festival and statewide PRIDE events. If you love arts and crafts, check out the world-renowned Penland School of Craft or the ceramics artists of Seagrove. If music is more your thing, consider MerleFest or The Cheerwine Festival. We love recognizing science and technology, nature and the outdoors, and – of course, the melding of the two – at the Bigfoot Festival and the Whirligig Festival.

Why should a health professional choose your state over surrounding states?

North Carolina has some of the most prestigious colleges, universities, and healthcare training programs in the world, and we’re known for our continuing education and research opportunities! We have a tremendous AHEC System! Our beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains are only hours apart, and make for quick, affordable, and memorable vacation destinations. We’re the midpoint between Florida and New York. (and a non-stop flight away from Bermuda!)   

What loan repayment programs does your state have? Anything that makes those programs unique?

Programs in North Carolina make a point to work collaboratively with federal programs and one another, to maximize the impact for rural and underserved areas of the state. From the FELS Program for students, to our NC Loan Repayment Program and Community Practitioner Program, to our High Needs Service Bonus for providers free of loan debt, we focus on both recruitment and retention! 

How is the J-1 Visa Waiver program utilized in your state?

Annually, on October 1, the State of North Carolina receives 30 J-1 Visa Waiver slots. To ensure North Carolina’s primary care needs are met, twenty (20) of the thirty (30) slots are reserved for Family Practice, General Internal Medicine, General Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, or Psychiatry physicians practicing in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) or Medically Underserved Area (MUA). Physicians practicing as hospitalists in Family Practice, General Internal Medicine, General Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, or Psychiatry will also be considered. The remaining ten (10) slots may be used for flex or specialist positions. Flex slots do not require the physician to be working in a HPSA or MUA and are not limited to Family Practice, General Internal Medicine, General Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, or Psychiatry. If specialist applications exceed the number of available flex/specialty slots, specialist applicants practicing in a HPSA or MUA will be placed on a waiting list. Beginning May 1, ORH may consider utilizing unallocated primary care slots for specialists on the waiting list. 

Are healthcare professionals valued in your state? Do you have any examples?

They are, as evidenced by robust, tax-free loan repayment programs and other incentives! We have abundant opportunities in thriving practices. And each of these offers the chance to develop close, dynamic, intergenerational relationships with patients and families. If we trust our family with you over the generations, we hold you in very high esteem indeed! 

Why do people travel to your state?

The Blue Ridge Parkway, the Appalachian Trail, funky B&Bs and luxury accommodations, beautiful waterfalls, golf, equestrian events, and on and on and on.   

What sports teams does your state have?

So many! In North Carolina, sports could almost be a religion. And there is definitely dissension among the denominations – err – team affiliations! Regardless of friendly rivalries, we’re passionate about our sports teams, from little league, through college and the pros!

What is your favorite local food? 

We know how to cook with southern charm – and make the best barbecue in the world. (Just don’t get us started on which side of the state does barbecue the “right” way!)  

What is your state best known for?

A diversity of people, places, and points of view coming together – sometimes noisily – with the goal of making North Carolina a great place to live!

What is the biggest misconception about your state?

That we talk funny. We don’t. Y’all do!

What are the biggest industries in your state?

North Carolina has a number of key industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, biotech and pharmaceuticals, business and finance, energy. 

How is the weather/climate in your state?

Let’s just say this about North Carolina’s weather, if you like wearing shorts in December or seeing snow at the beach, you’ll like calling North Carolina home!

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