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2018 was a busy year for 3RNet! Here's a quick look back on some of our big accomplishments throughout the past year:

3RNet Academy
Last fall we offered our second 3RNet Recruiting for Retention Academy, which was a huge success! This six-part webinar series brought 485 registrations from 34 states. Nineteen states participated in our “statewide sponsorship” opportunity for $2,000 and leveraged over $182,500 by allowing facilities to register using this option.

The 2018 Academy, Retention Strategies: Saving Money and Fostering Quality through Workforce Engagement began October 2 and ended December 11. This year's Academy saw over 500 registrations from across the country! Learn more about the 2018 Academy at www.academy.3rnet.org.

Annual Conference 
Our 2018 3RNet Annual Conference was (despite some rainy weather!) a great success!  We had 128 total attendees join us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for three days of recruitment and retention focused education. 

Annual Report
Our most recent annual report (www.3rnet.org/impact) highlighted 3RNet.org’s Success during the FY17 fiscal year (October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017). During this time period, our website had 3,329 new candidate registrations (adding to the over 54,000 active candidate accounts on our site), 6,084 jobs posted, and 613 new facility registrations (adding to the over 6,300 facilities registered). This all resulted in 2,380 placements and an estimated impact of $2.3 billion! Our website also had 111,628 visits, 64,404 unique visitors, and 785,905 page views. We just recorded our highest two months of registrations ever in July and August adding 408 and 544 registrations, respectively.

3RNet Plus
3RNet Plus has benefited several members and continues to grow! www.plus.3RNet.org provides a menu of services (beyond membership) available for purchase—either individually or in value-priced packages. Our continued goal is to better communicate the services some members are already requesting from 3RNet and provide a variety of options to match the diversity of our membership organizations! Some examples of 3RNet Plus projects we’ve completed for members include: 

  • Website creation for Missouri, Arizona, and Louisiana
  • Fun, engaging whiteboard videos for Michigan, Illinois, and Arizona
  • Customizing a ‘bundle’ of services for Massachusetts which included a one-day in-person workshop, Academy statewide sponsorship, and two webinars

Membership Updates
We’ve seen several Membership Updates in the past year, including transitioning membership from one organization to another in both Maine and New York (both of these memberships are now housed within the State Office of Rural Health). We also recently welcomed Connecticut (membership is housed with the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut) as our 54th member!

Adirondack Health Institute
We received funding for a grant project from the Adirondack Health Institute out of Glen Falls, New York to provide workforce education and resources to their stakeholders. Through our partnership with the Hudson Mohawk AHEC, Michelle Varcho, our Director of Education Outreach, completed one-day presentations in five different Adirondack area communities, covering a wide range of recruitment and retention issues. Our team paired this education with a resource-filled website developed by 3RNet staff, a comprehensive toolkit centered around best practices for recruitment for retention, and three on-demand webinars.

Marketing Success
3RNet members and staff worked hard toward our Marketing Success, exhibiting at five national conferences: the AAFP FMX, ACOFP, AAFP National Conference, AANP, and ACP Internal Medicine Meeting. These events added over 260 additional registrations to 3RNet.org! 

Education Outreach
Our Education Outreach continues to grow. We’ve worked with several states to provide both in-person and virtual presentations, including: Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Texas. We continue our partnership with ACU and were able to take part in their Retention Academy as faculty and conduct onsite assistance to facilities struggling with rural and underserved recruitment for retention practices in Colorado, Texas, Indiana and Pittsburgh.

Recruitment Readiness Assessment
Recruitment Readiness Assessment tools were developed by staff to help a single facility assess their current status. This process will then be taught to state members who can implement the tools and return materials to 3RNet to write a report. This ‘train the trainer’ approach was completed in partnership with the Montana SORH and included a site visit by the Director of Member Services, Mark Barclay, to Daniels Memorial Hospital in Scobey, Montana in mid-June. From that visit a final report was drafted for our partner to review with hospital. This method was also separately contracted in South Dakota with CHAD and a series of FQHCs.

3RNet Board of Directors
The 3RNet Board of Directors approved a one-time amendment to the by-laws that enabled the 2018 Board election to correct the number of openings in 2019 and going forward. This year we had seven open seats on our nine-member Board with three of the newly elected [Joni Adamson (MO), Stacy Kusler (ND), and Judd Mellinger-Blouch (PA)], serving a two-year term as stated in the by-laws. For this year only, we will have four of our newly elected directors [Olivette Burroughs (VA), Renee Fullerton (WA), Mandi Gingras (NH/VT), and Jerry Harrison (NM)] serve a one-year term and be eligible to run again next year for a two-year term.

We had another baby!
Our small staff of four was temporarily even smaller this summer while Kristine Morin took six weeks maternity leave to care for her baby girl, Cora Rose Morin, born July 11, 2018 and weighing in at a whopping 7 pounds 7 ounces. She’s growing fast and in her spare time is mastering conference calls and emailing.



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