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We’re celebrating National Rural Health Day and the #PowerOfRural by celebrating rural facilities who have been successful in their recruitment efforts. Recruiting health care providers can be a challenge—especially in rural areas. We’re recognizing rural facilities for their recruitment excellence!

Today we're highlighting North Bend Medical Center in Coos Bay, Oregon. North Bend Medical Center has recruited several professionals through 3RNet in the past year! Congrats!

Read more about North Bend Medical Center’s community, facility, and what they believe makes them successful in their recruitment efforts:

Tell us a bit about North Bend Medical Center: 

North Bend Medical Center is a multi-specialty group that employs approximately 55 physicians and 30 advanced practitioners. Our main focus is on primary care, but as a rural clinic, we offer several specialties so that our patients don’t have to travel far from home to receive top-notch medical care. In addition to our main clinic in Coos Bay, we offer four other convenient locations to serve patients in even more rural parts of Oregon, including Bandon, Coquille, Gold Beach and Myrtle Point. We also manage an Immediate Care Clinic and Cancer Center. We serve approximately 120,000 patients living in Coos, Curry and Douglas counties. 

Why do people enjoy working at North Bend Medical Center? 

One of the most attractive things about being a provider at NBMC is that we offer a very competitive salary and benefit structure. Our providers also feel very supported by our administrative team who work to ensure that all of their needs are met and that their practice is running as efficiently as possible. Our providers also enjoy the autonomy that NBMC gives them. 

What makes Coos Bay a great place to live and work?

We are very lucky to live on the beautiful Oregon coast! Our natural landscape is our best asset – the Pacific Ocean, beautiful greenery, rocky beaches, old growth forests, natural dunes, lakes, rivers, streams, mountains and year-round mild climate give us endless possibilities for outdoor recreational activities. The best part is that our business model affords the provider the perfect work/life balance. Everything is right here in our own backyard - providers can work all day, but still have time to play afterwards! 

Tell us about your connection to 3RNet.org and/or your 3RNet member. 

I post all of our medical staff positions on 3RNet.org and have found it to be a very valuable resource. I also find [our 3RNet member] Stacee Reed’s emails and lists of providers who may be interested in opportunities very helpful. 

What makes you successful with your recruitment and retention efforts? 

I grew up in this area and am engrained in this community. Our providers are treating me, my family, friends, neighbors and co-workers and it is my job to ensure we hire the best! I think about this every time I speak with a candidate. I get to know the candidate and their families and make sure they will be a good fit for the long term. We look for candidates that will come and make the South coast their home. I think my positive outlook and having a well-planned itinerary for their site visit and interview helps the process. For retention efforts, we held our first ever medical staff appreciation day in August that was very well received. We are starting to plan more events like this to help our providers get to know each other in a relaxed environment outside of work. 

Share a piece of advice! What would you tell someone who is recruiting or someone who is being recruited? 

For recruiters: Be positive, but realistic about the area on the initial phone call to screen out candidates who wouldn’t be a good fit. Always check references prior to having the candidate come for a site visit and interview – we have learned a lot through this process and have found it to be invaluable! Remember that not only are you interviewing the candidate, but they are interviewing YOU!  

For recruits: Remember this is an interview, i.e., be on time, dress for success, be professional.

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