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Our members know their states! This week we hear from our unique membership model in Arizona with THREE members! Ana, Rebecca, and Lourdes share what they know and love about Arizona. 


Name: Ana Roscetti, Rebeca Ruiz, and Lourdes Montez

City, State: Ana: Phoenix; Rebecca: Tucson; Lourdes: Phoenix

Organization: Ana: Arizona Primary Care Office; Rebecca: Arizona Center for Rural Health; Lourdes: Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers

How long have you lived in Arizona? Why do you choose to live there? 

Ana: 13 years. Great weather nine months out of the year. Great place to raise a family, enjoy the outdoors and be physically active. I moved to Arizona with my family from Seattle, Washington and we love Arizona so much, we do not plan to go anywhere. Good standard of living, not too crowded unlike other Western States.  

Lourdes: I am an Arizona Native. Although I attended college out of state I always knew I would return to Arizona and work to help provide access to care to rural and underserved communities in Arizona. There are so many reasons I choose to live in Arizona that I can’t even begin to list them and do justice to the beautiful landscapes, culturally diverse communities and so much more!

What are the best cultural events that happen in Arizona?

Rebecca: We have 21 Native American tribes, and a large Hispanic population in Arizona.  There are countless rich cultural events in our beautiful state.

Lourdes: There are so many cultural events that happen in Arizona all year long that it is really hard to choose but I will say that ARIZONA’S FOLKLORICO AND MARIACHI PERFORMANCE GROUP Events are my favorite. 

Why should a health professional choose your state over surrounding states? 

Ana: A health professional who enjoys being in a warmer weather, one who likes to engage in physical activity, play sports and other outdoor recreation, this is the place for you. There are plenty of things to see and do in Arizona. Shopping, dining and bar, spring training, kids’ sports league, golfing, hiking, and even skiing just two hours from metro Phoenix. Not to mention that you can have pool parties all year long with your friends and family.  AZ boasts picture perfect sunsets and desert landscape. Arizona is about four hours from Las Vegas and about six hours from California.   

Rebecca: Because our state has a rich, diverse population, plenty of outdoor activities, different landscapes in different parts of the states, three 

Lourdes: Arizona is the perfect fit for health professionals looking to practice in a state that provides so many different and unique practice site options. From beautiful desert landscapes to mountain peaks and ponderosa pines and diverse populations rich in culture and heritage. 

What loan repayment programs does your state have? Anything that makes those programs unique?  

Ana: Aside from the National Health Service Corps and Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Programs through HRSA, Arizona also has a State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) with similar eligibility requirements as NHSC. SLRP provides up to $65K of loan repayment assistance to physicians and dentists while $50K for other provider types for an initial two-year commitment in a HPSA.

Rebecca: Ana Roscetti is the expert.

Lourdes: The Arizona Loan Repayment Program has loan repayment opportunities for disciplines that are not included in Federal loan repayment programs offer very competitive award amounts.

How is the J-1 Visa Waiver program utilized in your state? 

Ana: The J1 Visa Waiver Program has been effective in recruiting providers in rural and underserved areas of our State. We utilize all of our 30 slots consistently each year.  

Rebecca: Ana Roscetti is the expert on this.

Lourdes: Ana! 

Are healthcare professionals valued in your state? Do you have any examples?

Lourdes: Yes, annual events hosted statewide to highlight their work and in appreciation of their work to provide access to care for Arizona’s Rural & Underserved Communities. Example: Provider Appreciation Day

Why do people travel to your state?

Ana: It is a good vacation place. 

Rebecca: People travel to our state for the beautiful sunny weather; to visit the magnificent Grand Canyon; people visit their children attending one of the three large university; for relaxation in our beautiful resorts, the variety of food and friendly people. 

What sports teams does your state have?

Rebecca: Arizona Diamondback (Baseball), University of Arizona Wildcats PAC-12 (Football), Arizona Cardinals (Football), Phoenix Suns (Basketball), Arizona Coyote (Hockey)

What is your favorite local food?

Rebecca: Too many good foods to select one favorite! 

Lourdes: Mexican Food, especially Mi Nidito in Tucson, AZ

What is your state best known for?

Ana: Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon. 

Rebecca: Grand Canyon; Tucson was the first American city to become part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for Gastromony, honoring Southern Arizona’s food traditions and culinary innovation; Annual Gem Show – Tucson (Huge annual event) 

Lourdes: Grand Canyon, Sedona, Northern Arizona Meteor Crater, The Painted Desert, National Parks & Hiking Trails

What is the biggest misconception about your state?

Rebecca: That we are one big desert but actually higher destination offers snowcap mountains, there are plenty of lakes, forest and caves to explore. 

Lourdes: That Arizona has only desert landscape. 

What are the biggest industries in your state?

Rebecca: Agriculture and mining. 

How is the weather/climate in your state? 

Lourdes: Today’s forecast: beautiful with a 100% chance of appreciation. It’s not always blue skies and nice weather in Arizona—just about a mere average of 300+ days a year around most of the state. Despite the idea that Arizona is hot and dry most of the year, the truth is, the weather varies quite a bit depending on where you are. While people are enjoying the summer in Central Arizona by sunbathing or splashing around in everything from lakes to pools, folks in Northern Arizona enjoy outdoor life with cooler temps and crisper nights. Come winter, Northern Arizona offers the beauty of snow-covered mountains and great skiing, while in the central to southern parts of the state, people often enjoy the mild and welcoming weather in shorts or t-shirts.

It’s always postcard perfect somewhere in Arizona, no matter what time of year it is. Learn more about Arizona at: www.visitarizona.com.

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