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Our members know their states! This week we hear from Olivette Burroughs and Ashley Clark, our Virginia members, about what they know and love about VA!

City, State: Petersburg, Virginia

Organization: Virginia Department of Health

How long have you lived in the state? Why do you choose to live there? 27 years, I wanted to stay close to my family instead of moving. Live in a rural area.

What are the best cultural events that happen in Virginia? State Fair, Endsbrook After Hours Concert Events

Why should a health professional choose Virginia over surrounding states? Good weather and great landscaping, very family oriented

What loan repayment programs does Virginia have? Anything that makes those programs unique? The VA-SLRP addresses the shortage of primary care providers in Virginia by recruiting and retaining providers and increasing access to care in medically underserved areas.

How is the J-1 Visa Waiver program utilized in Virginia? The Conrad 30 Waiver program is a crucial resource for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Virginia Conrad 30 Waiver Program will reserve five slots out of the 30 to use as discretionary slots. The discretionary slots will be allotted at the discretion of VDH based on the prevailing critical needs for specific health care professionals.

Are healthcare professionals valued in Virginia? Do you have any examples? Yes, we provide incentive program for them to stay. We created and updated an ambassador program to welcome provider's and their families.

Why do people travel to Virginia? Food (Seafood), Beach, Historical, and Landmarks

What sports teams does Virginia have? College Sports are big - UVA, VCU, VTech, and Richmond Flying Squirrels

What is your favorite local food? Croaker Spot, Carrot Tree, and Captain Georges

What is Virginia best known for? Its historical landmarks, Good colleges

What is the biggest misconception about Virginia? That it's very expensive

What are the biggest industries in Virginia? Tech/Engineering/Military

How is the weather/climate in Virginia? All Seasons!!!

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