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One of the best things about our national network of 3RNet members: they live and work in their states! Our Kansas member, Sasha Randolph, shared some insights about the state she knows and loves. 

How long have you lived in Kansas? Why do you choose to live there?
All my life. Kansas is a great place to raise a family. Neighbors tend to really care about each other, and the cost of living is low.  Safe, clean and wonderful place to be work, live, and play! 

What are the best cultural events that happen in Kansas?
Wichita Riverfest every spring, Dodge City Raceway (seasonal), Kansas State Fair every fall in Hutchinson, KS, and many other activities across the state. You can visit https://www.travelks.com/events to learn more.

Why should a health professional choose Kansas over surrounding states?
We often have most communities participating in loan forgiveness programs, higher pay for lower cost of living, and the people genuinely care about each other. 

What loan repayment programs does Kansas have? 
Kansas Bridging Plan, Kansas Medical Student Loan, Kansas Osteopathic Medical Service Scholarship, Rural Opportunity Zone Credit, and National Health Service Corps. You can visit http://www.kumc.edu/community-engagement/rural-health/loan-forgiveness-and-repayment-options.html to learn more about each of these programs. 

How is the J-1 Visa Waiver program utilized in Kansas
We have, like all states, the Conrad 30 program. 2018 was only the second year we have exhausted all our waivers before September 1. Visit http://www.kdheks.gov/olrh/ to learn more about the Conrad 30 program in Kansas.

Are healthcare professionals valued in Kansas? Do you have any examples? 
Yes! Communities value the spirit of service. You are very respected as a medical professional and are lifted up in a community. Some great examples are our Kansas “Healthcare Heroes”, which you can view here: https://www.3rnet.org/Resources/News-Announcements/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/254/Kansas-Healthcare-Heroes

Why do people travel to Kansas? 
We have some excellent areas for hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, and outdoor activities. We believe that we have some of the nicest people living in our state. 

What sports teams does Kansas have? 

Sporting Kansas City, KU Jayhawks, WSU Shockers, K-State Wildcats, Wichita Wingnuts, Kansas City T-Bones, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, Wichita Thunder, Wichita Force, Salina Liberty.

What is your favorite local food? 
If you're ever in SE KS, fried chicken is a must! We have Bartos, Chicken Annies, Chicken Mary's-- Take your pick. While you're there, go ahead and try the German potato salad too.

What is Kansas best known for? 
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. Tornadoes. College sports (WSU,KU and K-State). Aircraft Capital. The wind... but most importantly are the beautiful sunsets!

What is the biggest misconception about Kansas? 
We are not always on a tornado watch. Only during a few days in the spring or fall. With todays advanced technology, we are usually notified within hours, if not days, about a risk.

What are the biggest industries in Kansas? 
Aircraft industry. We are also one of the most productive agriculture states in the U.S.

How is the weather/climate in Kansas? 
Truth: in the winter, it is not uncommon for it to be beautiful, sunny, 68 degrees one day, and be snowing and 28 degrees the next. Summers are more consistent with warm days and mild nights. It is a bit windy. If we're lucky we'll get some snow in the winter, but not always.

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