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Thanks for visiting the 3RNet blog! Blog posts are written by members, staff, and partners. If you have an idea for a blog post, or are interested in writing one, please contact Kristine Morin, Director of Communications and Marketing, at Morin@3RNet.org.

Starting a new job is an exciting, somewhat nerve-wracking time. At 3RNet, our goal is to help as many physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals find a job they love in a rural or underserved area. The tables have turned a bit – we are welcoming some new employees to our 3RNet family.

Nikki Kennedy and Jerry Kafer are retiring at the end of the month. Their dedication to our mission of helping rural and underserved areas find quality health professionals will be missed. They are excited about this new chapter, and we wish them the best of luck as they celebrate reaching an important milestone in their lives.

We are excited that Mark Barclay has joined our team as 3RNet’s Director of Member Services and Kristine Morin is our Director of Communications and Marketing, a new position for 3RNet. 

Mark and Kristine both have experience working in rural health, and both worked at the University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health (they shared an office at UND – we meant what we said about being a family!) Their prior knowledge and expertise in their respective areas mean we have a lot in store for our members and candidates.

Mark and Kristine have hit the ground running and working on several new projects we believe we help better serve our members and provide the resources candidates and health professionals need to make the best possible decision when looking for jobs in rural or underserved areas. Here are a few exciting things we have underway:

  • What you’re reading! This blog is something we have been working hard on for several weeks. This vehicle will allow us to bring you new information on a variety of subjects in an easy to use way. We hope it is useful, and whether you are someone looking for a job, a facility looking for health care professionals, or one of our wonderful members looking to see what’s new with us, you can find some information to help you along the way here. If you have ideas or suggestions for what you would like to see us talk about here, please email us at info@3rnet.org. We want this to be the best tool possible, so please, let us know what you want to hear!
  • We have an agreement with Adventures in Medicine, an organization that works to ease the transition from residency to practice by providing the resources physicians need to develop critical interpersonal and professional skills, realize their purpose and achieve a healthy work-life balance. We are excited to be able to bring the credibility of their resources to both members and candidates.

As we begin new projects like our blog and foster partnerships such as our with Adventures in Medicine, we are also working hard on remembering to be mindful of the excellence in tradition, dedication, and customer service 3RNet was built on. Nikki, Jerry, and countless other former ‘believers’ in the 3RNet mission leave us with big shoes to fill. We look forward to the challenge and the positive outcomes we trust our efforts will produce.
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