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We asked Indiana Health Centers’ Elvin Plank, President and CEO, and Kent Dyer, Indiana Health Centers’ Physician Recruiter what makes their facilities, communities, and recruitment efforts great for the state of Indiana! Here’s some of what they had to say:

Can you tell us about your facilities? 

Indiana Health Centers (IHC) is located in seven different communities and seven different counties throughout Indiana. IHC has three locations in South Bend, two in Seymour, and one in Kokomo. The two largest populations IHC serves are South Bend and Kokomo, and the other locations serve more rural areas throughout the state.

This year we opened a facility in Spencer, Indiana (population 2,271) which is about 20 miles from Bloomington, Indiana. This location serves people from five different counties, and brings IHC’s total number of health centers to 10. These ten locations provide primary care services, and are all working hard to integrate behavioral health services as well. In Spencer we are collocated with a behavioral health organization so if a patient comes in for behavioral health services, they’re also offered primary care services, and if they come in for primary care services, IHC screens for behavioral health issues, and if needed they are referred to the behavioral health provider. 

In total, Indiana Health Centers serves approximately 35,000 patients and provides 105,000 to 110,000 visits annually. In the last four years we’ve grown from an $18 million to a $28 million organization. We went from 175 employees to 300, including 70 providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, etc.).
Why do people enjoy working at Indiana Health Centers?

A lot of people focus on recruiting and then focus very little on retention. For the last four years we’ve focused an enormous amount of effort on retention. We also believe that your reputation is extremely important. You want to be known out there through the grapevine as the place where people want to work.

We also know that people want balance in their life. So it’s always about finding a balance between seeing enough patients but have enough time for themselves and their family. We have worked on creating a culture where people feel cared for and feel like they are involved and feel like the communication is completely transparent and has total integrity.  
What makes your communities great places to live and work?

In FQHCs over 50% of your board members have to be users of your services. We have community involvement committees in each community we serve, comprised mostly of patients. We hear from these groups about what’s good, what we could improve, etc. The reputation you get is from word of mouth. If you have staff and providers who enjoy coming to work and serving underserved people it establishes your reputation in the communities we serve. We think this is the most important part of the culture we have built and why staff enjoys coming to work and why patients enjoy being seen by the staff at our facilities.
Why do you think you’ve been successful with your recruitment efforts?

A lot of it is the exposure in getting our name out there. 3RNet is a big part of that. We get hits from all over the country and all over the world. We’re a tiny little 300-employee company. We post our jobs on different job boards, send a lot of emails, etc. Again, a big part of it is sourcing the candidate, just getting the name out there. 

We also have a full-time provider recruiter, which we believe makes a big difference in our recruitment efforts. 

Finally, we have a very exciting bonus structure for our current physicians: if, toward the end of their current contract they sign a one-year renewal, we provide a $5,000 bonus. If they sign a two-year contract, we give a $30,000 bonus, and for a three-year contract they will receive a $60,000 bonus. The two and three year contracts are paid out annually in equal amounts at the beginning of each contract year.

How do you use 3RNet in your recruitment efforts?

We post all of our positions on 3RNet. Sometimes we also send emails out to candidates we receive from 3RNet. Throughout the years the way we’ve always looked at it is if you have a name and telephone number you can usually get a name or another name from that. 

Recruiting can be hard. Any advice to others working hard to recruit?

Persistence is the key. Don’t give up! You’re going to get ‘no’ a lot. For every 100 calls you make you may get 90 nos. Keep calling, keep getting your name out there. Someone is going to know someone out there who wants to work for your organization.

One of the things we think is so important is employing your own provider recruiter. We’ve been pretty fortunate this year in landing some physicians who at first were maybe going to go somewhere else and then they came back. We think it’s because they came in and saw what we were like. 

Indiana Health Center's new and renovated health center in Kokomo, Indiana:



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