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Colorado’s State Loan Repayment Program

Did you know Colorado offers one of the largest state loan repayment programs in the country?  The Colorado Health Service Corps (CHSC) offers up to $90,000 in loan repayment for qualifying providers in exchange for a 3 year service commitment at an approved clinic. There are currently 376 CHSC-approved clinics where primary care medical, dental and behavioral health care providers can practice to qualify for this program! Need assistance navigating the CHSC program?  Contact your 3RNet Colorado member for questions: amm@coruralhealth.org

New State Legislation 

New Colorado state legislation via HB 16-1142 provides a $1,000 tax credit for primary care medical and dental provider preceptors who are working in a rural or frontier county! Click here for more details, and visit the Colorado Rural Health Center’s website for more information on the process of claiming the tax credit. 

Also, as of 2015, the hourly requirements for APRNs to obtain full prescriptive authority have been reduced from 3600 to 1000 hours.  Learn more about this here 

Work Hard. Play Hard. Come to Colorado!

  • Did you know Colorado’s rural and frontier landscape encompasses 75% of the state? Click here to access a map of rural v. frontier v. urban counties. 
  • Learn about health data across the state through the Colorado Rural Health Center’s Snapshot of Rural Health. This document is prepared and updated annually as a resource to highlight and advance interest the rural health issues in Colorado.
  • Visit Colorado’s 3RNet Job Board to learn about the 40+ job opportunities available throughout the state!
  • And finally… enjoy a glimpse of Colorado’s unmatched beauty and diverse landscape featured in this video: http://www.colorado.com/videos/colorado-tourism-commercial-awake


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