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We’re celebrating National Rural Health Day and the #powerofrural by celebrating rural facilities who have been successful in their recruitment efforts. Recruiting health care providers can be a challenge—especially in rural areas. 

Quality of Life Health Services, Inc., with locations throughout Alabama, was able to recruit a Dentist through 3RNet! 

Read more about Quality of Life Health Services and what they believe makes them successful in their recruitment efforts:

Tell us about Quality of Life Health Services, Inc.
Quality of Life Health Services, Inc. is the largest Community Health Center in the State of Alabama serving eighteen (18) counties with twenty-four (24) locations. Thirteen (13) of the twenty-four (24) Quality of Life health centers are located in rural communities, which illustrates our organization’s commitment to rural health access. The organization recently celebrated its 40th Anniversary and marked the 35th Anniversary of its long-time Chief Executive Officer, Wayne C. Rowe.

Why do people enjoy working at Quality of Life Health Services?
Physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, nurses, executive management, and front-line office workers feel engaged and part of a larger mission of ensuring access to health care in the communities served by Quality of Life Health Services, Inc. Staff members enjoy a sense of “family” among employees who support each other professionally and personally; and, therefore commit to a team-approach to health care delivery which is critical in today’s environment where value-based care is key.  

What makes Alabama a great place to live and work?
Alabama boasts many wonderful communities, many rural with plenty of outdoor activities and great natural beauty. People are caring and friendly, and there is a laid-back pace to life. There is a low cost of living, which makes for an affordable lifestyle. Real estate prices and taxes are low, and this can offer a great opportunity to own a home, as opposed to renting. Crime is low in the area, making it safe for families. Good public and private educational opportunities are available, even in some of the rural areas. While many areas of Alabama are deemed as rural, most are in close proximity to at least one suburban and/or urban areas, such as Birmingham, Chattanooga, and Atlanta.

What’s Quality of Life Health Services’ connection to 3RNet?
Rob Boyles is our contact at Office of Primary Care and Rural Health within the Alabama Department of Public Health. Rob and the team at the state’s Primary Care Organization (PCO) provide Quality of Life Health Services, Inc. with great support. Weekly and/or monthly spreadsheets are generated by the PCO, offering leads for medical and dental opportunities with our organization. This is a great source of potential candidates, which our recruitment team can then explore. Quality of Life Health Services, Inc., has been a member of 3RNet for several years; however, the organization is just recently beginning to take advantage of all the resources of 3RNet. The training opportunities and materials are significant to community organizations, like Quality of Life, where resources for recruitment are limited. With only an investment of time, our organization has been able to obtain important information being used as the basis of a Recruitment and Retention Plan.  

Why do you think you’ve been successful with your recruitment efforts?
The organization has been successful because recruitment is viewed as a team and company effort. Work with the clinical leadership is crucial in identifying candidates that would fit into the primary care medical and dental models utilized at Quality of Life Health Services, Inc.  Also, a key factor to success is always having a quick response time for prospective candidates.  Many candidates have multiple options, and being non-responsive to a prospective provider can lead to disinterest.  Also, most candidates are working during the day, so being available after-hours to answer questions is vital to the recruitment process. Lastly, making sure that all potential candidates have an opportunity to meet the clinical staff and executive staff during the site visit provides important information to the candidate and the leadership of the organization, offering each group the needed information to determine if the employment match would be successful for both parties.

Recruiting can be hard. What advice would you give to others trying to recruit?

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Dr. Kendra Petite, Dentist, joins other members of the health care team in Phenix City, Alabama, where she will deliver services at a local community health center, operated by Quality of Life Health Services, Inc.

Dr. Kendra Petite, Staff Dentist at the Susie E. Allen Health Center, shares her positive experience with 3RNet.

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