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Tom Tucker is the first recipient of the Fred Moskol Leadership Award. The award was presented to Tom at the annual conference in St. Louis, Missouri in October of this year. The award is named for the founder of 3RNet, Fredric E. Moskol

Tom Tucker

Tom is a retired US Air Force Master Sergeant. He graduated from the USAF Recruiting School and began his recruiting efforts in 1983. 

After retiring from the Air Force in 1991, he was hired by the late Jim Bernstein to work in the North Carolina Office of Rural Health as a full-time recruiter. He served for 20 years in this capacity. During his time in North Carolina, Tom had a primary role in the development of Practice Sights, the recruitment and retention software program, and was involved with 3RNet as it came into existence. Tom went on to serve as Board President two different times. 

In 2010, with his desire to retire intensifying, Tom convinced his wife, Delia, to give up her medical practice. But everything shifted gears when Tim Skinner contacted Tom that same year and convinced Tom he would be a great co-director of 3RNet. After discussions with the Board, Tom was hired as 3RNet co-director in January of 2011. 

Tom worked diligently with the NHSC in the recruitment training programs created by 3RNet and other NHSC projects. He was instrumental in securing 3RNet membership for Veterans Affairs and avidly supported broadening the membership of the organization. 

In the spring of 2012, Tim Skinner declared his intention to retire. Tom Tucker remained as the director of 3RNet until Mike Shimmens was hired in August of that year. Tom continued on to help with Mike’s transition until the end of 2012 and then joined his retired spouse to begin a new chapter of their lives. 

Tom has a reputation for ballroom dancing, bootlegging margaritas at conferences, and always being the life of a party. More than that, Tom has been a passionate supporter of 3RNet and a leader throughout his life.

Fred Moskol Award

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