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We do a lot of things surrounding recruitment and retention in rural and underserved areas! Like what? Here's our "top ten" list of 3RNet accomplishments over the past year:

Recruiting for Retention Academy

Last fall we offered our inaugural 3RNet Recruiting for Retention Academy, which was a huge success! This eight-part webinar series brought 481 registrations from 38 states. Seventeen states participated in our “statewide sponsorship” opportunity for $2,000 and leveraged over $223,000 by allowing facilities to register using this option.

We have another Academy that started October 3, 2017! This six-part workshop series focuses on topics surrounding our Factors to Market Your Community eBooks. Learn more about the 2017 Academy at www.academy.3rnet.org.

Ki Integration
In early 2017, after months of planning and preparation, 3RNet officially launched its integration with Kontact Intelligence (Ki). 3RNet members can now use a cutting edge web based system that integrates with 3RNet, eliminating the need for data entry duplication!


3RNet created a Workforce Committee with NOSORH that is examining issues important to both organizations that may offer educational opportunities and collaboration.  We have also actively maintained our partnerships with ACU, Practice Sights Retention Collaborative and RTT Collaborative. The ACU relationship allows us to have ongoing access to the efforts to both save and expand the National Health Service Corps.

RHC Factors Book

After the success of the CAH and CHC versions of the Factors To Market Your Rural Community books, 3RNet wrote another version of the Factors books, this time focusing on rural health clinics. This book covers 50 factors related to the recruitment and retention of providers at rural health clinics and helps communities identify their individual strengths and challenges related to these factors.

3RNet Member Success

Our most recent annual report (www.3rnet.org/impact) highlighted the impressive impact of our website, www.3rnet.org, and our members, during the FY16 fiscal year (October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2016). During this time period, our website had 2,974 new candidate registrations (adding to the over 50,000 active candidate accounts on our site), 6,085 jobs posted, and 600 new facility registrations (adding to the over 5,800 facilities registered). This all resulted in 1,984 placements and an estimated impact of $1.9 billion! Our website also had, from August 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016, 99,255 visits, 63,749 unique visitors, and 718,527 page views.

Education Outreach

Our Education Outreach continues to grow. In the past year we concluded our project with the Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS). 

This project included:

  • An in-person full-day workshop for 11 CHCs in western New York based on the steps of our Recruiting for Retention Manual and our Factors to Market Your Community Health Center eBook.
  • Three CHC on-site visits in which an in-depth assessment was performed via a 43-question survey and face-to-face interviews with a cross section of employees that resulted in site specific Recruitment for Retention Plans.
  • Six months of technical assistance via phone for action plan implementation.  
  • A 12 page final report to document findings and suggest follow up and future areas of training.

CHCANYS also invited us to their Primary Care Workforce Initiatives Forum to present the findings of our on-site visits.

We also engaged in a number of on-site training at various locations including Northwest Region PCA, Ohio PCA, NOSORH Region E, Northwest Regional Rural Health Conference, and webinar presentations such as one provided through a collaboration between Alabama SORH and Alabama PCA. We have more presentations planned for the winter months with Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers and Bi-State Primary Care Association. 

Marketing Success

In the last year 3RNet members and staff exhibited at five national conferences: the AAFP FMX, USAFP, AAFP National Conference, AANP, and ACP Internal Medicine Meeting. These events added over 240 additional registrations to 3RNet.org! 

Staff Retreat

3RNet staff convened in Las Vegas, Nevada this spring for some in-person meetings and strategic planning. This retreat allowed us to move some big projects forward including our 2017 Academy and Annual Conference, as well as some website planning and discussion.

3RNet Plus

We’ve worked to formalize and diversify how members can purchase services beyond membership from 3RNet. www.plus.3RNet.org provides a menu of services available for purchase—either individually or in value-priced packages. Our goal is to better communicate the services some members are already requesting from 3RNet and provide a variety of options to match the diversity of our membership organizations!

New Website

We updated the look of our website and improved how our site looks on a mobile platform (it now looks the same regardless of the type of device you use). We also made some updates to our system so that we have the newest iterations of security and privacy protocols that adhere to the latest best practices. We also put a big emphasis on making it easier for job seekers to connect with our 3RNet members, register, and search jobs across the country. We also added a texting feature - so now you can text 1-800-787-2512 and get a response right to your phone!

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